“Irritated Dragons” – Time

“Irritated Dragons” – Time
“Irritated Dragons” – Time

Giada Oricchio

June 18, 2021

“The heterologous vaccination? The scientific community is not so sure. Son? Must check the announcite. Draghi was also angry with him and Speranza ”. Andrea Scanzi, journalist of Il Fatto Quotidiano, guest of “Otto e Mezzo”, Friday 18 June, has something for everyone. Lilli Gruber, host of “Otto e Mezzo” starts from the observation that there has been confusion about vaccines and that in the press conference tonight, the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, appeared a bit nervous and irritated “like a principal that puts order in the classrooms where there is confusion ”(cit. Mariolina Sattanino).

Andrea Scanzi points out: “I don’t know if Draghi wasn’t nervous with Figliuolo and Speranza, what with a euphemism we call confusion they too caused it. If he’s not angry with them at all he’s not lucid and I think he is. He did well to speak even if with a certain delay, a few days ago it was better. There is a country that is quite worried and has done well to praise the Italians. He did well to admit the mistakes made by many ”.

Then he plays the role of the immunologist and says: “In the meantime, he must reassure a lot about the heterologous vaccination, we are pleased that he will do it next Tuesday even if being over 60 he was not required, but in reality there is no serenity in the scientific community. It is said that it is better, but the data are few. All this serenity on the mix is ​​not there, I put myself in the shoes of those who have to do the second dose in the next few days and I don’t think they are happy. I have some reservations about that ‘prefer’ another vaccine based on what I hear from some scientists ”. And finally the jab to the general and commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, Francesco Figliuolo who replaced Domenico Arcuri: “The other aspect I want to highlight concerns Figliuolo. Draghi must have told him to check the announcement because he raises the bar on doses every week and if you don’t reach them, you make an own goal like the open days were. I think Draghi was also nervous with Figliuolo ”.

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