black cloud invades the neighborhood

Flames and black smoke in via Portuense. A fire, which broke out shortly after 12 noon today, Saturday 19 June, destroyed an Atac bus of the 774 line, at street number 467. On site the firefighters, the local police with the Marconi Group and the state police with the San Paolo Commissariat and the Volanti. The road was closed to allow the firefighters to extinguish the fire with the strong smell of sheet metal and burnt tires that invaded the neighborhood. According to reports, no one was injured or intoxicated. The fire, however, also damaged some parked cars.

From a first hypothesis, the fire would have started from the back of the bus. The trade unionist Claudio De Francesco intervened on the case, speaking of “zero security”: “Luckily, the elections are close and the Romans will free Rome from these incapable”, he says attacking the current administration. Daniele Catalano, former Head of the Lega Municipio XI Group, also tough: “The umpteenth burning of a bus in one of the most important arteries of this quadrant, we want to overcome these 5 years of administration Rays bankruptcy and to do so we also want to restore a healthy normality, without risking the their own safety by traveling on public transport “.

The Atac version

An hour after the fire in Via Portuense, the official note from Atac also arrived: “For reasons to be ascertained, while he was on duty along the Via Portuense, a fire broke out on a vehicle of the 774 line. tried to extinguish the flames and then called the fire brigade who intervened. There were no problems for the passengers. “

Previous buses on fire in Rome

Thus the number of Flambus rises in 2021. The last bus on fire in the city occurred only two weeks ago, at the Flaminio. Before two more episodes in late February. So also an Atac bus that served the 506 line like the one on Friday, was destroyed last January 27 while it was in transit on Via Casilina, in the Torre Angela area. Even in that case, the public transport was charred with no passengers forced to take care of the hospital.

To open the year 2021 a fire that broke out on Friday 15 January when an Atac car serving the 916 line was engulfed in flames on via Pasquale II in Primavalle, with the fire preceded by an explosion. A car in service since 2004 was destroyed.

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black cloud invades neighborhood

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