Beasts, Asia Argento shocking about drugs and sex. Moments of panic with Fagnani – Il Tempo

Beasts, Asia Argento shocking about drugs and sex. Moments of panic with Fagnani – Il Tempo
Beasts, Asia Argento shocking about drugs and sex. Moments of panic with Fagnani – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

June 19, 2021

Me too, sex, the scene with the dog, drugs, Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini. Between Asia Argento and Francesca Fagnani ends in a fight “Beasts“, the program of interviews on Rai3, Friday 18 June. Moments of panic.

Not an interview, but a bestial catfight in which Asia Argento and Francesca Fagnani they unsheathed their claws. The start is sparkling: Asia says she was touchy in the past, but now “I fuck my own”And feels aligned with life. The pains were many but they are archived. The defect is the mania for control, the value is reliability, the greatest joy is to play sports because the children would have been trivial. A ruthless thing? It’s a pain in the ass ** and in the organization. The rules? It only transgresses the obsolete ones.

Francesca Fagnani is not satisfied and stings her guest for indolence: “She is very listless to do this interview“,” No, why? “,” I thought she was telling me who knows what transgressions, I find her listless, really listless “replies the journalist and Silver brings out the side of an actress and with a Roman accent:” What did you think I said ‘me drogo , do I? No, they are buckshot ”. Asia drunk with that attitude always poised between the arrogant and the desire for acceptance. On drugs he admits: “Have I had drug addictions? Yes, I’ve had several. It started as an experiment but ended as an addiction and I got scared there. It was a great love, but I had another great love, the job and that saved me. What kind of drugs? All. Even drugs that you do not know exist as the sacred drinks of the shamans ”.

Fagnani investigates: “What is the effect on her?”, “I’m not here to talk about it, it’s as if I had done 10 years of therapies, it’s my business. Shaman drinks are sacred medicines that come from the Amazon and have an effect that depends on the type of person. I have understood many things about myself, my family, my ancestors, I have received many visits from people who are no longer there, I saw them as I see them now ”the actress replies confidently. And when the reporter points out that they were probably hallucinations, Asia doesn’t break down: “In my opinion there were”.

The daughter of Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi reiterates her bisexuality “I’ve never fallen in love with a woman, but I prefer them in bed because they are smoother and more delicate” and reveals the background of the infamous licking with the rottweiler in Abel Ferrara’s film: “I was the one who improvised that scene. The actor works with what he has available, I went on all fours and I found this rottweiler face, I’m afraid of dogs and I tried to make him feel good by making me lick. I broke a taboo, all the masters get licked in the face, there are videos on tiktok ”. However, Fagnani reminds her that she had opened her mouth and Asia: “But they all do it at home with their dogs!” ‘I trom ** to. I didn’t give the dog pom ** no, it was a lick, not a pom ** no, I was afraid it would eat my face “.

If Asia Argento is ruthless, Francesca Fagnani is no less. And on the Metoo and Weinstein they turn into two fairs that fight with no holds barred. Fagnani asks for Me Too, recalling that many women have been compensated by the film producer Weinstein and the actress: “I don’t want that blood-stained money. I got annoyed because I had become a symbol of a feminist struggle and I don’t fit into the idea of ​​one who can fight for those rights. It was hard to report and I only did it because a reporter asked me a question. There was misogyny towards me ”. The host asks her: “Claudia Gerini said that many women crowded under Weinstein’s hotel to meet him. This is a part of the story that does not exclude his “,” I have not seen them. We see that Gerini has an internalized misogyny ”. But the good Fagnani opens the chapter John Bennet, the boy who accused Asia Argento of having had sexual intercourse when he was a minor and of being paid to keep quiet: “Metoo started in a way and ended badly, with a series of blackmail? ”,“ It ended badly. Indeed Bennet…. Ahahha ”replies Asia and the interviewer:“ What does it mean? Explain the joke to me ”,“ It’s a joke, if I have to explain it, it means that you didn’t understand it ”says the Silver, but the interlocutor stretches it out:“ O that didn’t make you laugh ”. The actress claims not to have made mistakes with Bennet, not to have raped him, but to have given him “the best gift of his life”.

On the reasons for the failure to report to Weinstein, Asia snaps fiercely: “I did not report him twenty years later because he had lapsed and twenty years earlier I did not do it because I did not want to think of myself as a raped girl, not I wanted my career to end “, Fagnani urges her:” So career also has something to do with it “and Asia:” I’m talking, don’t interrupt me! It is very difficult to talk about these things. She has never suffered them so she takes them with rose water. Change the subject! I’ve talked about it a hundred times. Do you know why I didn’t report him? Why would I end up talking to people like her “,” And why am I? ” provokes the Fagnani and that: “Una tignosa e una rompipa ** e”.

The journalist asks why she mentioned the names of the American directors, but never the name of the Italian director who harassed her and Asia loses her patience: “Enough, I broke my pa ** e. If you want to know, read my book. Ah, I’m not here to do promotion? But yes “,” No, we are not here to promote “,” Yes! “,” But no. So the name of the Italian director doesn’t do it to me, this is curious ”the presenter insists mischievously and Asia froths with anger:“ He said he wasn’t asking and he’s doing it. I don’t want to answer! ”. For a moment it is feared that she will get up and go away, but she remains and Francesca Fagnani as a skilled “pack leader” asks about when she secretly photographed Giorgia Meloni in a restaurant and wrote on social media: “The greasy back of the rich and shameless fascist portrayed in the pasture “.

The artist justifies himself: “That tweet was translated by Meloni. I never wrote ‘lardy back’, it was a bad metaphor on the fat of the back of camels … I never said lard, lardosa is a bit strong … but she replied that not everyone loses kilos by snorting cocaine, after I I apologized, we also talked and I told her that I have not lost the pounds after pregnancy with cocaine, just do some exercise. Giorgia, you can do it “. Dario Argento’s daughter claims to have repented of that atrocious mockery: “I have repented so much, so much, for that stuff I received death threats from the bundles, so I really repented… I was so afraid. They threatened my children, my mother on social media. No no, I will never touch a bundle again, not even with a stick ”.

The tension is also skyrocketing on the photo of Matteo Salvini published on his Instagram with the dedication “kisses m.”, Fagnani still scratches: “Was it M di Matteo or something else?”, “The hashtag Salvini me was in fashion ** a and I wanted to do some mystery, if it was Matthew or something. What it was? A rebus ”Asia Argento concludes reserving the last poisonous words to her ex-husband Morgan:“ She says I’m a destroyer and a man-eater. It’s not true. He is here and survived, his head cut off himself. He can’t take his responsibilities ”. The interview ends with two smiles, but they are canines that sparkle and from which small drops of blood fall.

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