First dose vaccine: is it possible to have the green pass?

First vaccine dose: is it possible to ask for the green pass?

First dose vaccine. As we have explained in several articles, the green pass is the document that certifies the vaccination carried out, the recovery from Covid and / or the negative test molecular or unsanitary swab carried out within the previous 48 hours.

It has a duration of nine months, and six months in case of recovery from Covid.

The problem is related to the granting of the green permit also in case of administration of the first dose of one of the four recognized vaccines in Italy and Europe (in fact three, because Johnson & Johnson is inoculated with only one dose).

After a long discussion of the Scientific Committees and of virological and immunological experts it was decided to grant the green pass also to those who have received only the first dose of the vaccine.

But under what conditions? Let’s see what they are.

First vaccine dose: there are conditions to be respected to obtain the green pass?

The green pass is valid already after the first dose of vaccine. Ma its effectiveness starts from the fifteenth day following the administration of the first dose and is valid until the date on which the second dose is received (varies depending on the type of vaccine received).

From the moment the vaccination cycle is completed, the certification is valid for another 9 months.

First vaccine dose: how do you get the green pass?

Even in the case of a single first dose received, after receiving a vaccine in a country of the European Union, the citizen will automatically receive, or upon request, the Covid certificate in EU digital format.

The detailed procedures for issuing certificates are different and established for each state.

We remember that each country is free to recognize and issue the Pass even after the first dose and the number of doses will be clearly indicated in the European green pass.

Italy will issue the green pass after the first vaccination, but other member states are free not to recognize it and to request full vaccination or a test instead.

In Europe however, the principle of reciprocity applies. Therefore, if one of the Member States opts for the abolition of travel restrictions for its citizens already after a first dose of a vaccine, with the relative granting of a green pass, it will have to behave in the same way towards all other citizens belonging to the ‘European Union.

To request it, just go to this Government website and follow the instructions indicated.

Green pass: will it also be granted in light of the Delta variant?

Adnkronos reports that there are doubts about the granting of the green pass after the first dose, also in light of the infamous Delta variant of the virus which, in countries like England, has become dominant.

In fact, he reports Professor Sergio Abrignani, immunologist of the State University of Milan and member of the Cts: “I’m sure there will be a review. The green pass was discussed 2 months ago, we are sailing in a sea that we do not know “.

We will therefore see if in the next few days, as it seems, there will be a step backwards.

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