MotoGP 2021. German GP at Sachsenring. Franco Morbidelli: Sport requires you to fight the problem – MotoGP

MotoGP 2021. German GP at Sachsenring. Franco Morbidelli: Sport requires you to fight the problem – MotoGP
MotoGP 2021. German GP at Sachsenring. Franco Morbidelli: Sport requires you to fight the problem – MotoGP

He had declared that the engine would have made less difference here than in Barcelona and Mugello, but Franco Morbidelli remains in difficulty even in the German GP. But the spirit is always that of the best days: Franco believes in it, also because at his side he has a team, led by Ramon Forcada, who believes in him. Beyond the result of FP2, in which Franco returned to Q2 by a whisker, Morbidelli thinks positive.

“I’m happy to be back here, this is a particular circuit that I really like. Today I found a good feeling with the bike, we tried a couple of setups and tomorrow we will put everything together to try to be at our best and stay in the 10, which is very important here because overtaking is not easy. “

What is missing to be satisfied? Quartararo seems the only one able to reach the top positions …

“We have to take a step forward compared to the other Yamahas, I still lose on the straight here too. We need to improve in this respect, try to be more effective out of turn 11 and the last one to reduce the difference. Unfortunately, here too there is a bit of a gap that is difficult to recover, the situation is more complicated than I thought. We can improve something. “

The problem is always the same: the other three riders are riding a 2021 bike, on which Yamaha has continued to work, while Franco rides a SPEC-A, which is a bike substantially stopped in 2019 except for some updates. And in the future it could be even worse.

“Surely all the manufacturers develop during the season and therefore it will become increasingly difficult for me, but this is the situation. I can only try to do the best I can in every situation … “

The choice of tires?

“The best solution seems to be the hard on the rear (with 2019 carcass, NdA): at the moment it seems to be an option for the race, but it must be said that I did not try the medium in the afternoon, when the conditions are closer to what we will find on Sunday. However, the situation is never completely under control and you can never rest assured, but in the afternoon I did a lot of laps with the hard and my pace was not very different from those who used that tire. Marquez and Oliveira seem to be the most competitive, we have to file a little. The difference is not all on the straight, we have to work on other aspects as well. “

But isn’t it frustrating to know that you are leaving in an inferiority situation?

“The great thing about sport is that if there is a problem you have to go against it, you have to beat it and break it by yourself. Either do it or stop, there is no other option, this is the tough but at the same time beautiful aspect of sport. I’m trying to go through this situation with the utmost determination, as professional as I can, trying to understand what I can learn and how I can grow from this situation, I don’t want it to be a year thrown away. I have to try to push myself to the limit and do my best. Mine is not the first case and it will not be the last “.

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