Bertolaso ​​on vaccines: “In Lombardy from 25 June the second dose will be able to move”

Bertolaso ​​on vaccines: “In Lombardy from 25 June the second dose will be able to move”
Bertolaso ​​on vaccines: “In Lombardy from 25 June the second dose will be able to move”

MILAN. “From June 25 in Lombardy, it will be possible to postpone the appointment for the second dose”. The coordinator of the Lombardy vaccination campaign said, Guido Bertolaso, during a press point on anti-Covid vaccinations in Lombardy. “We appeal to the common sense of our citizens so that this eventual move is made only for an important reason, only in necessary cases, to avoid flooding the system and creating problems in the agendas – he added – It will have to be done with seven days’ notice. The date, time and vaccination center can be changed. Only one modification will be allowed ».

Also in the press conference this morning, vice president of the Lombardy Region and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti announced that “Lombardy will be the first region to achieve community immunity”. The vice president, after underlining that Lombardy is currently proceeding at the rate of 100 thousand administrations per day, indicated which are the strategies of the Region in the short and medium term and in the longer term.

«We are the first Region – underlined the vice president Moratti – to sequence all the positive swabs. To date we have 15 active laboratories, another 3 authorized, 12 in the authorization phase. We sequence 25% of the swabs, when fully operational we will reach 100%, with important results also for the variants ». “Just this morning – he added – I visited a molecular biology laboratory in Calcinate (Bergamo, ed) which has a machine capable of sequencing up to 2,500 swabs per day. Structures like this will allow us to keep variations under control. I want to reiterate here that all vaccines give good coverage with respect to variants and that, as recommended by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), vaccinations are and remain the ultimate weapon against Covid and its variants ” . Moratti also took stock of the data: “At the moment the percentages we are aware of are: 68% English variant, 1.7% Indian, 1.1% Brazilian and 0.3% South African variant”.

And we look at autumn: “We are preparing – he continued – in the event that autumn-winter calls are necessary, to identify a new organizational model that will no longer be based on massive centers (set up in the exhibition centers and congress halls) but on small centers, on General Practitioners, companies and pharmacies ».

The vice president also confirmed the positive results obtained with the experimentation of salivary swabs performed in some Lombard schools. “We plan to extend it – he explained – on the occasion of the restart of the school year. They are tests well received by students, even the youngest ones, as they are less invasive than molecular tests ».

The president of the Region Attilio Fontanafinally, he declared that on 10 July Lombardy will reach 10 million administrations.

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