Go to Roma World to live like an ancient Roman – With Castelli Notizie combine it with Cinecittà World, at only 59 for the whole of 2021

Ready to step into the shoes of a gladiator? Of a slave or of a merchant of ancient Rome? Walking in the woods among cork oaks and farm animals? History awaits you in new Roma World theme park, just inaugurated, which is located a stone’s throw from Rome.

We enter from Portal and let’s go back two millennia in time: the Village of the Legionaries. In front of us the Castrum, the Military Camp with its towers and fortifications and theArena of the Gladiators, dove attend shows and challenges O learn fighting techniques handling a sword, precisely the Gladio (or Rudis in wood) led by the instructors of the Roman Historical Group. In Tavern, the park restaurant, and eat like the ancient Romans, including meats, drinks and vintage dishes. The artisans market makes us discover objects, costumes and techniques from 2000 years ago. Lovers ofoutdoor can spend the night in the tents of the Legionaries.

The village is animated by the verses of the animals of the farm: Goats, Sheep e Cows dwarfs, sympathetic piglets, noisy Geese, Ducks, Hens, Rabbits, Asinelli, in addition to Camels, Pony, Long, Ostriches e Turtles. We can feed them and learn a take care of them.

On the edge of the camp is theArena of Birds of Prey where to admire the Falconry shows: from the flight of the eagle ai attacks by hawks on prey, from the hypnotic gaze of the owl to the singularity of barbagianni. We can interact with animals by becoming Falconers for a day, making birds of prey fly to the fist in the surrounding groves.

A Roma World children are the protagonists, in a safe and controlled environment, they can have fun with the playground in the woods, with the archery, or get on pony e camels.

Who loves nature will appreciate i forest trails or the Tour Botanico, discovering biodiversity between cork oaks, brooms, myrtles and pieces of Mediterranean scrub, which envelop the baby Temple of Apollo, dedicated to the God of the Sun, Music and Poetry.


The Cinema enthusiasts finally they can visit l’area del set of Romulus, fiction based on the film The first King of Matteo Garrone or admire the spectacular set of Ben Hur. From the blockbuster film of 1959, award-winning with ben 11 Oscar, to the 2016 remake version, the Chariot Race, shot in the large sand arena that reproduces the Circus of Maxentius within Roma World, is one of the most legendary scenes in the history of cinema.

CLICKING ON THE BANNER THAT FOLLOWS YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO CINECITTA ‘WORLD AND ROME WORLD FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON, TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE DISCOUNT CODE OF CASTELLI NEWS, FOR ONLY 59 EUROS (a very advantageous discount since the single ticket for a single entry to Cinecittà World costs 29 euros per person.With 59 euros, on the other hand, you will have admissions to the two parks for the whole of 2021: an unmissable offer).

Tickets, information and calendar are available on the site www.romaworld.com

At Cinecittà World with the Castelli Notizie discount: click to book your tickets at a special price
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