the new hardware development strategies for Doug Bowser

the new hardware development strategies for Doug Bowser
the new hardware development strategies for Doug Bowser

Without openly mentioning the rumored Switch PRO, the boss of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, outlined from the columns of the Washington Post the strategy of the Kyoto company on the timing and methods of development of the consoles and new hardware of the Japanese company.

The president of NoA thus clarifies the point of view of the Japanese company and, regarding Nintendo’s commitment to it development and the presentation of the new generation consoles, explains that “We always look at the evolution of technology and how it can improve users’ gaming experiences. However, it is not a technological evolution for its own sake, but an approach that consists in looking specifically how technology can evolve to improve the gaming experience “.

As Nintendo Switch enters its fifth year of life and continues to be the best-selling console on the main gaming markets, Bowser ideally turns its gaze to the future by specifying how “There are a number of factors that come into play and it is something that we always look at carefully. For example, how to apply that new technology? Should we integrate it into the ecosystem of existing platforms or is it better to wait for the next generation? Besides, which gameplay experience is preferable for this new hardware? “.

The spasmodic wait for the announcement of the new console of the Large N was also at the center of the latest, singular social initiative of the Brazilian division of Coca-Cola with a joking post on Nintendo Switch PRO.


hardware development strategies Doug Bowser

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