Babylon’s Fall and the inaction of Bayonetta 3 have unleashed the gamers against PlatinumGames, to the sound of prejudices and stupidities

Babylon’s Fall and the inaction of Bayonetta 3 have unleashed the gamers against PlatinumGames, to the sound of prejudices and stupidities
Babylon’s Fall and the inaction of Bayonetta 3 have unleashed the gamers against PlatinumGames, to the sound of prejudices and stupidities

Let’s face it: to many the new Babylon’s Fall not really liked. What does that slow cooperative action have to do with the footage it was presented with years ago? So far we are in the licit, because honestly it did not make a good impression on us either. Saying it is lawful, despite the benefit of the doubt it can still be granted (always by PlatinumGames we’re talking about).

Similar speech for Bayonetta 3: many want to know more and, not having seen it during the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021, they expressed their disappointment trying to understand what happened to the game, announced more than three years ago.

So far there is nothing strange, since the disappointment can be there for both games. The problem arises when this is accompanied by accusations based on unfounded prejudices and based on dislike, which also give on the wrong subject, namely PlatinumGames.

The problem, in both cases, was the premature announcements, based on non-definitive materials. Public relations and marketing are not managed by developers, but by publishers, which gamers should know well (being passionate doesn’t just mean keeping the console on for hours a day). So it’s Square Enix and Nintendo who wanted, respectively, to make the old Babylon’s Fall and Bayonetta 3 videos public, despite the absence of the two games.

Going into specific cases, many have accused PlatinumGames of ruining Babylon’s Fall by turning it into a game live service. Again, the accusation is simply absurd and also denotes a lack of knowledge of the relationship between publishers and developers. For Babylon’s Fall PlatinumGames is under contract with Square Enix, so it has no freedom in choosing the economic model of the game. It is also idiotic to think that the developers have modified the game without the publisher’s knowledge, or that they have cut parts of it because they are too busy in other projects, because Babylon’s Fall is indeed developed by Platinum, but the chain of control it is in the hands of Square Enix (it is its right, since it pays), which cannot but know the status of the works.

The most likely scenario is that the old Babylon’s Fall video was based on a prototype or was simply a pre-rendered game pitch – a movie built into the engine – without the game systems actually implemented yet. The mistake was to show it, since what is seen in such a preliminary phase of processing is inevitably destined to be changed during development. Another hypothesis much more probable than the tales of angry gamers: Square Enix may have decided in the running to make Babylon’s Fall a live service, forcing PlatinumGames to modify some elements to adapt them to the new economic model.

On Bayonetta 3 the bad things are even more violent. The accusation against PlatinumGames is that they are simply unable to close the game. There is no lack of the usual lies about the laziness of developers, which have unfortunately accompanied us since the 80s. Oddly, no one points the finger at it Nintendo, the real person responsible for the whole situation, since we owe the animated logo to her, which is the only material of the game shown so far.

Many are wondering: is it normal that PlatinumGames takes so long to develop it? … Yes, why not? The average development cycles of modern triple A’s are four years (some more, some less), so Bayonetta 3 is perfectly on time. Unfortunately, the logo tells us nothing about the development and we don’t know where the game was when it was announced. It was probably still in pre-production and Nintendo pulled it into the pile just to galvanize the environment a little (after all, consoles have to sell them too).

What about the failed projects? Do we want to justify Platinum for those too? Yes why not? Between 2016 and 2021, the Japanese studio launched (some are about to launch) nine games, including some jewels such as NieR: Automata and Astral Chain. That some projects have failed on the road (Scalebound and Granblue Fantasy: Relink) is simply physiological. It happens to all studios (ask some developers), but Platinum’s balance is undoubtedly positive and honestly accusing one of the most prolific studios on the market of low productivity seems really childish.

Unfortunately, some lies are spread by members of the press itself, as well as by the usual influencers (sometimes the figures correspond). Unfortunately, to impress the public, people often prefer to focus on the most humoral theses, instead of thinking for a moment, so as to transform their followers into small stupid fans, ready to let loose on command. Everyone has the Pied Piper of Hamelin that he deserves, one might say, if those who work without expecting reversals or unconditional love were not always the ones who paid for it.

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