the first 5 mini-auditors presented. That’s who I am

the first 5 mini-auditors presented. That’s who I am
the first 5 mini-auditors presented. That’s who I am

Present the first 5 mini-mayoral candidates, of the team fielded by Carlo Calenda: the race to Capitol comes alive with the first names that will be candidates to govern the municipalities.

The Action leader has chosen, alongside him, both names already experts in the public administration and professionals from civil society ready to analyze problems and seek solutions.

I 5 candidates, four women and a man, this morning proposed their ideas to change Rome, in the headquarters of the leader of «Action», On via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. There where, for months, the aspiring mayor has been preparing his electoral campaign, gathering the ideas gathered in the area.

Carlo Calenda assured that only one civic list will be presented, “Calenda mayor», And that« the only possible way to make Rome go around is to have a program and a prepared ruling class that did not participate in the paralysis of Rome ».

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At the end of June, the team of Calenda he will begin to meet citizens, with public meetings and questions without a network: “I will not make a meeting but I will answer the citizenship by having the candidate for the town hall close to me. I will face questions without a net, we will also go to the holiday resorts of the Romans, to meet and listen to people “.

On the topic of illegal occupations and evictionsi Calenda underlined: “There is no social policy of evictions, there is the restoration of legality because the occupations are abusive: I don’t say it, the law says it”.

Illustrating the numbers of the Roman housing emergency, he clarified: “In Rome, 16% of public housing are illegally occupied. Many are run by the underworld

Current names:

Giuseppe Lobefaro for the 1st Town Hall

In 1985 he was a member of the Interministerial Commission for the “prevention of juvenile hardship” and from 1993 until 1997 he was elected councilor of the Municipality of Rome with special delegation for the protection of children. Following this delegation, he promoted the establishment of the municipal office “The city tailored for girls and boys.” For three years, since 1998, he has been Head of the Secretariat of the Lazio Region Councilor for Tourism and since 2000 member of the secretariat of the Minister of the Interior.In 2001 and again in 2006 he was elected President of the 1st Municipality “Rome Historic Center” until 2008.

Caterina Boca – Municipality II

A lawyer, he has been collaborating for years with numerous national and local humanitarian organizations, coordinating projects and providing legal assistance in the field of social policies, migration policies, the inclusion of women victims of violence. Trainer for public bodies and third sector organizations, and lecturer at the Urbaniana University of Rome where she teaches “Comparative migration policies and protection of migrants’ rights”. Since 2016 she has been a councilor at the Rome II Municipality where she holds the position of President of the Commission for social policies, relations with the ASL, security and housing policies.

«Town Hall 2 is made up of the union of the former 2 and 3: they are united but remain in fact divided. For example, the municipal police force also maintains two different offices. We have beautiful villas but they must be secured to be lived in, to be able to give them back to the citizens ».

Boca could have been a candidate in the primaries for the Democratic Party, in town hall 2, but yesterday he formalized his race alongside Calenda: “The ruling class of the Democratic Party has within it – underlined the leader of Action – forces that slow down and forces with a spirit of change. Those who hold back are in the majority. It is the story of Boca, ready for the change and renewal of the city, which has decided to come with me, but it is also my story ».

New Simonetta – municipii 8

Graduated in Modern Literature, journalist, for 40 years she was Head of Communications for leading national and multinational companies. He has 25 years of animal rights volunteer work behind him and, for 9 years, he collaborated with Roma Capitale on the subject of animal rights. An experience that has formed her in trade union relations, in personnel management, in the enhancement of volunteers and on the administrative and political mechanisms that govern municipal offices.

“Our town hall lacks an ecological island and we have situations to solve such as the former Fiera di Roma, the general markets and the hotel in via Giustinianeo Imperatore”

Francesca Severi – Town Hall XII

Graduated in Economics and Commerce with a thesis in labor law, she obtained an MBA from Luiss. In 1999 she was hired by Telecom Italia, where I worked for several years as a product manager, first in the international direction and then in the business direction, later in the field of market innovation for the design of new services. Subsequently, she worked on business modeling for Digital School applications, e-Health and e-Wellness solutions, Digital Identity and Mobile Payment. She is active in parents’ associations and in her neighborhood committee. He means political commitment as a service, to leave his children a better city.

In her first experience in politics, she is an expert in analysis and has contributed to the group fielded by Calenda to analyze the individual details of her town hall. “Town Hall 12 is divided between Monteverde on one side and Bravetta, Pisana, Malagrotta and Castel di Guido on the other. They are worlds that do not speak to each other and there are areas, such as Porta Portese, which live as the suburbs of the town hall ”.

She Monticone – municipii 13

Born in Rome on March 17, 1963, married, two children aged 22 and 25. Graduated in Literature at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in 2009 she obtained a University Master in “Migration: policies and resources for social cohesion”. From 1987 to 2001 she was a flight attendant at Alitalia, then employed in the Human Resources Area of ​​the flight and technical personnel. She is a member and volunteer, since 2003, of the Voluntary Association ONLUS LA.VA. Lavoro Vagabondo, engaged in activities for the social reintegration of homeless people and support for immigrants. It is also active in international projects to support populations living in situations of hardship, participating in cooperation experiences in Ethiopia, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and India. In 2013 she was elected to the Council of the XIII Town Hall, holding the position of President of the Commission “Elected – Equal Opportunities”, member of the three permanent Commissions “Social Services”, “Public Works”, “Culture and participation” and of the Special Commission for the writing of the Town Hall Council Regulations

It emphasizes the enhancement of the territory: from the recovery of the Cornelia car park, which was never opened with enormous waste of public money, to the three metro stops that do not have a car park, to the Auditorium that has been out of use for years and to the Pineta. secure

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