In the Tuscan healthcare sector there are 19 thousand unvaccinated: this is what they risk

In the Tuscan healthcare sector there are 19 thousand unvaccinated: this is what they risk
In the Tuscan healthcare sector there are 19 thousand unvaccinated: this is what they risk

FLORENCE. Warn her first. Then (only if possible) the relocation. And, at worst, suspension from work. Without salary or contributions until December 31st. In short, a serious business. This is the risk that over 19,000 professionals run in Tuscany – out of a total of 55,000 – including doctors, nurses, social and health workers. Of these 9 thousand are concentrated between Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Empoli. But among the unvaccinated health workers there are also administrative employees and pharmacists.

34.5% of those belonging to the health professions chose not to get vaccinated, while 9,204 have retraced their steps and booked an appointment (the Region, from the booking alone, however, cannot distinguish the profession of those who registered on the portal ). On the list, there are also three thousand ambulance rescuers and 1,500 social and health workers of the rsa. But it must be said: it is not necessarily about no vax (opposed to the vaccine). Some, in fact, fear the consequences that the serum could have on their health, others have recently contracted Covid and can wait six months before receiving a single dose of the vaccine. And in any case, because they have chosen not to get vaccinated they will have to prove it to the ASL. At that point, the evaluation will be up to the health company: inside or outside.


On the other hand, there is a law decree – the 44 of 2021 – which imposes the obligation of vaccination for those belonging to one of the health professions (to protect patients). The local health authorities will begin to send warnings: from the moment the postman rings the door, the unvaccinated will have five days to comply. In essence, they will have to demonstrate that they have a valid reason for not receiving the vaccine (for example, due to health reasons). Or, otherwise, to make an appointment on the portal of the Region (reservation. vaccino. sanita. toscana. it) and remedy the situation.


Since the law decree came into force at the beginning of April, the lists of health personnel have been transmitted by the ASL and by employers (for example Rsa or private clinics, clinics, etc.) to the Region. But not all of them. As he explains David Nucci, vice president of the Order of Nurses of Florence, the disciplinary measures for the lack of vaccination have not yet begun. And, in the meantime, doctors, nurses, social and health workers continue to work in the ward. What emerges is the difficulty of tracing all health personnel. Especially in private structures, such as Rsa. “Cross-checks are underway and some lists have yet to be submitted by private employers: it will take time to get a full picture of the situation,” the vice president cut short.


Paolo Porta, company secretary of the Nursind nurses’ union for Careggi, explains that some colleagues called him, worried: «They just don’t want to get the vaccine. But, at the same time, they fear the consequences of their choice on the professional front: no salary. I explained to them that the union cannot do anything, in this case, because it is a law that establishes the mandatory nature of vaccination – explains Porta -. Their concern is understandable as their colleagues live off their salary. But, above all, our profession does not allow us, for example, to work in smart working. If they will not be able to prove that they do not have a valid reason for not getting the vaccine, they will be suspended from the Order ».

More rigid, however, is shown Flavio Civitelli, general secretary of Anaao for Tuscany, the main union of hospital doctors which represents 2 200. «The colleagues have been vaccinated – he concludes – but we cannot compromise on who, despite belonging to the health professions, chooses not to get vaccinated. It is a contradiction to all women and men of science. We invite the local health authorities to be rigorous in reporting those who do not respect the law. Those who are against the anti-Covid vaccine cannot carry out this profession “. –


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