Flat stomach: the importance of genetics

Mother nature decides for us. Whether we are “gut” types or not, it is written in our genetic code. Having a more or less flat stomach, therefore, does not depend only on excess weight, but also on the LOX1 gene (scientifically Protein 1 similar to lysiloxidase), responsible for the tone of the tissues, which also plays a key role in the remodeling of the body shape after phases of expansion.

From one Research of the scientists of the Harvard Boston Medical School, it appeared that all’origine of the maintenance of tone of all body tissues subjected to frequent changes, such as pulmonary ones, intestinal, bladder and blood vessels, there is a gene.

For this, they speculate that mutations of this gene could contribute not only to development of early forms of aging cutaneous but also onset of diseases such as enfisema, associated with lost of elasticity of fabrics pulmonary.

A thesis also proven by research from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, for which they have been modified genetically of mice canceling the gene. The animals started to develop leather and fabrics falling, poorly functional lungs e anomaly vascular. In females some pregnancies they could be fatal because, after childbirth, the uterus couldn’t shrink and he often came expelled from the body.

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According to the researchers therefore, the gene is not only important during it development for the creation of fibers elastic, but also in adult life for the repair of tissues subject to frequent cycles of expansion-shrinkage.

Reduce the waistline starting from feeding

“Beyond the predisposition, a belly swollen it may also be due to the meteorism, which can be cured with i ferments latex “,

explains the professor Pietro Migliaccio, school teacher of Power of the University of Roma and president of the Society Italian of Science of Power. In absence of pathologies, he belly celebrities it is almost always the result of eating habits wrong.

Among the major responsible for a waistline little tonic, there is the disproportionate consumption of carbohydrates, in particular of sugar, which provoke fermentation, therefore gas and, if consumed in excess, are transformed into white fat, just what it is deposit around the waist.

How to have a flat stomach

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It goes without saying that the intake of drinks carbonated, more sugared, it’s a mix deadly for our line. Just think that in some cases, the gas contained by drinks or even in the simple water very sparkling, is able to do to increase the waistline of over set centimeters in a few minutes.

Geni aside, with a correct lifestyle and costanza daily in running a few minutes of exercises targeted, can be achieved results unexpected, due to a renewed elasticity of the abdominals straight and oblique. To have a waistline harmonic therefore, let’s get started gladly to do some waiver and some small ones effort more every day: we will gain in health and in beauty.

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