Covid, the “chewing gum” vaccine arrives: what we know and how it works

Covid, the “chewing gum” vaccine arrives: what we know and how it works
Covid, the “chewing gum” vaccine arrives: what we know and how it works

A Russian military research team involved in the development of the Sputnik V preparation is said to be working on a new way to administer the Covid vaccine. The news was reported by the RBC site and soon made the world site. According to the Moscow media it will be enough to chew a chewing gum to gain immunity to the virus.

Covid, the “chewing gum” vaccine arrives from Russia: what has emerged

Citing anonymous sources from the Russian Defense Ministry, the RBC reported that the research center was working on the development of a mucosal vaccine anti Covid administered for orally in the form of tablets from to chew.

Due to its ease of use, and if it proves effective, the new drug may soon be included in the protocols of prophylaxis of Russia, and authorization for the European and Italian market may also be required.

The colonel Sergei Borisevich, president of the 48th Central Research Institute, confirmed what emerged in the press, although he did not disclose other information regarding the study and the experimental phase in which the new preparation is located.

Chewing gum vaccine produced in the same center as Sputnik V

The 48th Central Research Institute of the Russian Federation, which is headed by the Ministry of Defense, collaborated in the creation of the vaccine Sputnik V last year.

It is a preparation a viral vector, like those of AstraZeneca e Johnson & Johson, which uses two different replication incompetent adenoviruses to transport the Spike protein into the body, causing an immune reaction.

Again this is a vaccine administered in due doses, at a distance of 21 days from each other, and which contain two different viruses, one human and one animal.

Despite an attempt to sell it around the world, Sputnik V has not yet received approval from theMom, the European Medicines Agency, and therefore by theAifa, the Italian consideration.

In the States United the research center was included in the blacklist of entities with which it is not possible to do business or from which to obtain commercial and development licenses.

At the base of the block is the alleged involvement of the Institute in the creation of biological weapons, and the suspicion that they were conducted experiments humanity unethical internally also for the development of the anti Covid vaccine.

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