release of the final version in 2022, not before –

release of the final version in 2022, not before –
release of the final version in 2022, not before –

It comes back to talk about Baldur’s Gate 3 after a long period of silence, unfortunately with not very positive news for the fans, considering that the definitive version of the game will not be released before 2022, therefore it will remain in early access at least for the whole of 2021.

The update on the issue came from an in-depth video published by Gamespot with an interview with Larian Studios, where the founder and head of the team, Swen Vincke, confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 will remain in early access certainly for the whole of 2021, with the final and complete version arriving in 2022.

The issue was rather predictable, considering the problems related to development in times of global pandemic and the hands forward put in this direction for some time by Larian, who never made a secret of the possibility of prolonging the work longer than expected .

On the other hand, the adoption of the system focused onearly access however, it allows players to experience the title in depth and apparently the next update is coming and will focus on changes suggested by feedback from users.

As for the timing of development, the matter seems complex and there is no possibility of having a precise idea of ​​the release date yet: “We are really looking to complete the game for next year,” said Vincke, who to be honest he doesn’t even seem too convinced that he will be able to complete everything for 2022, “For sure it will not come out this year,” he added.

Meanwhile, in February, patch 4 with the Druid and many improvements was released and for the moment, even in the early access version, it seems that sales have been “crazy” for Larian Studios.


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