Vaccini Lombardia: from 25 June the date, time and place of the recall can be changed

“The numbers are positive, to date we are at 7.7 million administrations, on Monday we will reach 8 million with a trend that gives us 100 thousand administrations per day: we continue to believe that we will achieve community immunity in early July, when Biden will announce for the United States despite not having the same number of vaccines. ” Thus the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti at a press conference at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan.

Coronavirus, 81 cases of Delta variant in Lombardy. “Falling in June: the vaccine is effective”

by Zita Dazzi

June 15, 2021

The fight against variants

To counter the spread of variants, Lombardy – continues Moratti – will be “the first region to sequence all positive swabs. Today there are 15 active laboratories, three others authorized and 12 in the authorization phase. To date, we sequence 25% of swabs, in regime we will sequence 100% “. In the province of Bergamo, in Calcinate, there is a molecular biology laboratory that can sequence up to 2,500 swabs per day. In addition to reiterating the importance of vaccination coverage against Covid variants, on the diffusion in Lombardy he specifies that 68% of cases concern the English variant, 1.7% Indian, 1.1% Brazilian and 0.3% the South African.

The family plan

Moratti also announces the family plan “to allow young people to have the first dose of vaccine before leaving for the holidays and the second dose upon returning, to ensure ‘safe holidays’ and a return to school with the vaccination completed.

Coronavirus in Lombardy, the epidemiologist La Vecchia: “The vaccine for young people is a sign of freedom. Now we must hurry to protect ourselves from the Indian variant “

by Zita Dazzi

June 18, 2021

The new rules on the recall of vaccines

Regarding the second dose of vaccine, however, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in Lombardy, Guido Bertolaso, announced that “from June 25 in Lombardy, the appointment for the second dose will be postponed”. And he added: “We appeal to the common sense of our citizens so that this possible move is made only for an important reason, only in necessary cases, to avoid flooding the system and creating problems in the agendas. It will have to be done with seven days’ notice . It will be possible to move the date, time and vaccination center. Only one change will be allowed “.

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