Vaccini, Draghi: “Those who don’t want heterologous, free to take a second dose with AstraZeneca”

“The heterologous works, I’m booked on Tuesday.” So Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference talking about vaccines also with reference to his personal case. The first dose with Astrazeneca «gave a low response and I am advised to be heterologous. So it works for me and even more true it works for those under 70 and under 60 ». An implicit push to overcome the hesitation of those who, even if minimally, are deserting appointments to complete the planned cycles. «Getting vaccinated is essential. The confusion is about which type of vaccine to do depending on the conditions.

Freedom of choice with prior consent

The Prime Minister does not hide a certain disorientation in the citizens in recent days, following the new recommendations of the health authorities for adverse events related to the Anglo-Swedish vaccine. “If someone is under 60 years old and has been asked to be a heterologous but does not want to, this person is free to take the second dose of Astrazeneca as long as he has the doctor’s opinion and informed consent”, specifies Draghi, accepting the requests from some Regions in this regard. Moreover, it is the same solution adopted in other parts of the world such as Spain or Canada. But in any case, the prime minister points out, “the worst thing is not to take the second dose.”


Looking for the not yet vaccinated is the challenge

For the premier, despite the encouraging results in the campaign, some pieces are still missing. «Now the main challenge is not to vaccinate 12 or 13 year olds, you have to do it for charity but you have to go and look for all those who are over 50 and have not yet been vaccinated. This is the challenge we have to win. There are 2 million or so, Commissioner Figliuolo knows it better than me, but these are the ones who get sick and must be vaccinated ».

People keep getting vaccinated, it’s admirable

However, «despite all the confusion, it is extraordinary how the population does not show an intention to reduce vaccination and not to get vaccinated, it is extraordinary. Compared to other countries, it is one of the most admirable behaviors, let us remember », is the further invitation that comes from Draghi. “Ready to clear up any confusion but the behavior is truly constant and extraordinary.” And more generally, for the future, “there is no reason” to fear a reduced speed in the continuation of the vaccination campaign, according to the prime minister. “Indeed, there will be more freedom of choice, so there is no reason to fear a slowdown.”

Request to Cts about stop outdoor masks

The other debated issue concerns the use of protective devices on which there is pressure from some political forces. “Tomorrow I will ask the CTS for an opinion”, Draghi is keen to observe, because “he will explicitly tell us if we can take off the mask outdoors or not”. Meanwhile, it is specified, for now there are no dates regarding the possible stop to the use of the protection.

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