Bolzano, the funeral of the Neumair spouses: the heartbreaking farewell of his daughter Madé | Benno absent, he visited the mortuary

The Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni opens the funeral of the couple and the dean Bernhard Holzer in his introductory words says: “Two coffins and many questions that are not entirely new, but that come back. We must not remove them, they will accompany us without satisfactory answers“.

The daughter Madé reconstructs the tragic story. “It is January 5, 2021 it’s 12.30, where you are. It’s 1pm then 2pm and 4pm, I’m sitting in the kitchen with my phone in my hand, I’m afraid, a cold hand on the pit of my stomach. I feel you very close, silent, you are closer than ever, I feel you have slipped away, it’s as if an antenna no longer picks up the signal. “Madé then talks about the February 6, the day it was found in the Adige river the body of Laura Perselli, and then of April 27, on the day of finding of the body of his father Peter. “Today you are here before us finally reunited, but you did not want an unjust death, you did not want a violent death, your breath was taken away, your word was taken away. You are my light, the sound of courage and courage. love, you are my air. Mami and daddy I miss you so devastatingly, rest in peace“, conclude Madé.

Peter’s sister Michaela Neumair and Laura’s sister Carla Perselli also spoke at the funeral. Michaela retraced the fundamental stages of Peter’s life, inclined to a sober life and a sustainable lifestyle. “It was difficult to give him a gift, his motto was’my body doesn’t require it‘”, recalled Michaela. Carla described her sister Laura as” open to change, a woman who wants to discover the world, who works with passion, with two children she was proud of, a woman who updates herself, who communicates “.


His son Benno is absent, detained in the Bolzano prison, but who had obtained permission from the judicial authorities to visit the mortuary. Accompanied by the prison police, he stopped in front of the two coffins. Then he was taken back to prison. Against the man, who confessed to having strangled his parents, the charge is of aggravated voluntary double homicide and concealment of corpses.

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