DS 4 combines technology and elegance with a hybrid engine

DS Automobiles represents, in the galaxy of brands of the Stellantis group, the top proposal in the field of construction quality and in some ways the pursuit of luxury. After all, the company was born just a few years ago with the intent of bring the French luxury style to the automotive world, combining care in materials and construction with one very marked technological evolution.

For this reason DS is among the brands of the Stellantis group one of those who can have access to the news first technologies, which will later be made available in all the models belonging to the group with a view to optimizing costs and resources between the different brands. So it happens with the new DS 4, soon available in the national DS Store network in petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions.

DS 4 is the fourth model in the DS product family; with a length of about 4.4 meters it falls into the category of C-segment sedans but in terms of size and shape it can also be seen as an SUV Coupé, placing the model DS 7 Crossback as a vehicle that is fully part of the C-segment SUV family. They complete the family DS 3 Crossback, a small SUV of the B segment also available in a fully electric version e DS 9, the family flagship that is positioned between the D and E segments. For DS, this new DS 4 is a vehicle that redefines the boundaries of the C-Premium segment, bringing together two apparently contrasting souls in terms of shapes and dimensions, like that of a SUV Coupe and a compact sedan.

From the outside there are many distinctive elements of this vehicle, starting from the front with a wide grille that develops at full height flanked by a DLR light signature and 150-element LED floodlights; the side view allows you to observe the ribs on the doors as well as the retractable handles that make this area cleaner and more linear; seen from behind, the LED headlights with a flaky effect stand out, while on the side the dimensions of the tires stand out with rims that in relation to the car body recall the proportions typically used in prototype cars.

There is a lot of technology in DS 4, starting with E-Tense model equipped with Plug-in hybrid power supply which is also the most powerful model with 225CV; DS declares an autonomy of operation with the only electric mode up to 54Km with a battery pack positioned under the trunk which remains with an internal volume of 390 liters against the 430 liters of the standard versions. We find DS Matrix LED Vision, the system that, through the dashboard display, provides information on the presence of objects, animals, people and vehicles in front of us that cannot be seen from afar with only the illumination of the headlights during night travel.

There is also a rich infotainment system, coupled with a head-up display, which is centered in the 10-inch screen indicated by the name of DS Iris System. It is combined with a touchscreen positioned on the central tunnel in front of the gearshift controls, so that the user does not have to raise their hands towards the central screen but can use this sort of touchpad to interact with the functions integrated in the infotainment system, even through specific gestures as well as with voice commands.

Level 2 of semi-autonomous driving is available for all versions, with automated management of speed and braking through adaptive radar as well as positioning in the center of the lane chosen by the driver. At the beginning of 2022 the system will be further evolved introducing semi-automatic overtaking, cornering speed regulation and speed advance recommended by road signs. All this is coupled with the system DS Active Scan Suspension, with which the irregularities of the road detected by a front camera are anticipated by the behavior of the suspensions that automatically adapt their response, independently for each wheel.

DS4 is offered with a large margin of customization, between 7 exterior colors and 6 different interior finishes, as well as configurations that favor a sporty style, one more elegant and one more adventurous as well as the Business declination which represents the most pragmatic soul of this vehicle. The engines are a 130HP petrol (1.2 liter displacement), a 130hp diesel (1.5 liters), a 180hp petrol (1.6 liters) and a 225hp petrol hybrid cumulative (1.6 liters); for all an 8-speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive and the presence of turbo. The price lists start at € 30,250 turnkey, rising up to € 48,750 for the hybrid version in the Cross Rivoli set-up. In this launch phase, DS offers the automatic DS 4 Business BlueHDi 130 version at a promotional price of € 29,500.

DS4 went through an initial booking phase with the model DS4 Premiere, which can only be ordered online; from this week it is possible to order the other versions both online and at the DS Store, with marketing starting from the third week of October. Among the various versions stands out the e-Tense, Plug-in hybrid, for which DS has ambition sales estimates: the goal is to reach and exceed 40% of customer orders with the electrified model, a figure higher than the average figure of 30% which currently represents the number of electrified vehicles that DS has sold in the last 12 months.

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