Vaccines, “On 10 July we will be given 10 million doses”

Vaccines, “On 10 July we will be given 10 million doses”
Vaccines, “On 10 July we will be given 10 million doses”

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«I am proud to be able to say that the countryside is proceeding optimally 7.7 mln of administration and more than one in 4 citizens has completed a vaccination course. On 10 July we will be able to reach 10 million administrations ».

This was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, during a press point on vaccinations anti-Covid in Lombardy. The incidence rate of Covid has dropped to 15.6 per hundred thousand inhabitants, l‘indice Rt at 0.77, admissions to hospitals also dropped by 8% and resuscitation by 7%. Data that lead us to great satisfaction and cautious optimism – added Fontana -. We must continue the vaccination campaign and insist on people who have not joined ». «In the month of July – he added – there will be further openings, such as that of remove the mask, but we must continue to behave correctly, which sees in the distance the last bulwark in order not to return the virus, which is still there and is dangerous especially in the Indian variant. With serious behaviors the definitive push will be given ».

«From 25 June in Lombardy, it will be possible to postpone the appointment for the second dose ». This was stated by the coordinator of the Lombardy vaccination campaign, Guido Bertolaso, during a press point on anti-Covid vaccinations in Lombardy. “We appeal to the common sense of our citizens so that this eventual shift takes place only for one important reason, only in necessary cases, to avoid flooding the system and creating problems in the agendas – he added -. It will have to be done with seven days’ notice. The date, time and vaccination center can be changed. Only one modification will be allowed ».

“We still have important vaccinations to be made the category between 12 and 20 years, which has not yet booked at the desired pace, but we think that this fear and mistrust will subside over the weeks and we are organizing ourselves ». Bertolaso ​​then reported. “We, unlike others, we didn’t do vax days for 18 year olds by administering AstraZeneca. We did not go against the tide to show that we were better than the others, but we have carried out a vaccination process based on the indications of the government by age group ”, he added. “I was unable to achieve the goal of vaccinating everyone by the end of June, but the reason is that Europe has provided us with a significantly lower quota of vaccines than expected – he concluded -. Despite this, more than positive results have been achieved. All the over 80s have in fact been vaccinated, the targets of the over 60s were also obtained in this case ».

“On horseback between July and August definitely herd immunity it will be achieved in this region and it seems to me that the first benefits are already being seen ». More specifically, the former number one of the Civil Protection said that “we reach over 70% of the total coverage of Lombardy by mid-August, but considering everything that happened in Lombardy, in my humble opinion, of done, in mid-July royal herd immunity will be achieved. ” “When truly 70% of citizens living in Lombardy in their bodies will have a sufficient number of antibodies against Covid – he concluded -, at that point the situation could and should be calmer. If it starts in early July or mid-August, I believe it is impossible to establish it at the bureaucratic level ».

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