Tuscany white zone: all free, off the curfew on the first day of summer

Tuscany white zone: all free, off the curfew on the first day of summer
Tuscany white zone: all free, off the curfew on the first day of summer

Florence, June 18, 2021 – La Tuscany Sara white area starting Monday 21 June. Now it is official, after the ordinance of the Minister of Health Speranza. Everyone is free: on the first day of summer, therefore, the curfew falls, which is currently until midnight, even if by now several did not respect the time of return home.

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No more curfews

With the white zone, in fact, nothing more night curfew, but the masks remain outdoors, as well as the principle of distancing from other people and the advice to wash your hands often. Therefore, if on the one hand the white zone means that the covid is partially defeated, on the other hand the authorities still ask to maintain caution. The resurgence of infections in some countries such as Russia and Great Britain however, due to the delta variant it must be a warning.

Return to the restaurant without worries

Tuscany is therefore a white area and you can return in an almost free way to have lunch and dinner in restaurants outdoors and indoors. The time limits for eating meals also fall. Home delivery and take-away are also allowed without restrictions.

How the white zone is obtained

To obtain the white zone, a region must remain for three weeks at least under fifty cases per week for every hundred thousand inhabitants: something that Tuscany has managed to do in the last 21 days.

Incidence at 19.6

“The incidence is 19.6 weekly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Hospitalizations are decreasing and so far it has been detected only one case of delta variant in Tuscany – explains the president of the regional council Mazzeo – A result of the vaccination campaign which in Tuscany today exceeded 2 million and 620 thousand doses to which are added another 417 thousand booked. This means that two thirds of Tuscans have either already received the first dose of the vaccine or have already made a reservation “.

Compulsory mask

The white area, if free from the curfew, does not however free from the mask, the mandatory use of which outdoors and indoors when you are not at home remains. When is it mandatory to use the mask? Read the guide

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