Saman, the little brother confirms in the evidentiary incident: “Uncle Danish killed her”

Saman, the little brother confirms in the evidentiary incident: “Uncle Danish killed her”
Saman, the little brother confirms in the evidentiary incident: “Uncle Danish killed her”

Saman Abbas was killed by his uncle, Danish Hasnain.

This was reiterated in the probative incident by the younger brother – 16 years old – of the girl of Pakistani origin who disappeared a month and a half in Novellara, in the Bassa Reggiana, after opposing an arranged marriage.

The testimony of the minor, held in a classroom behind closed doors in front of the investigating judge and lasted a couple of hours, was crystallized. The boy confirmed what he had already told the investigators.

The girl’s little brother was tracked down on May 10 as he was leaving Italy and has been in a protected community ever since.

“Surely all suitable precautions have been taken by the judge to guarantee the minor serenity and avoid being intimidated by the environment,” said attorney Simone Servillo, defender of the parents, who is trying to contact the couple, after entering the court. having activated contacts with the Pakistani consulate.

“Satisfied? I will be when we get to the end of the investigation ”, is the laconic comment of Isabella Chiesi, chief attorney regent of Reggio Emilia at the end of the probative incident.

The girl’s body has not yet been found, investigators continue their searches in the agricultural countryside around the house where the family lived.

Absolute silence on the part of Valeria Miari, lawyer who assists Saman’s minor brother: “It is a very delicate investigation. Being a minor, the requirements for maximum protection go far beyond the technical defense. You will understand my silence”.

THE SURVEYED – Under investigation for the murder are Saman’s two parents, Shabbar Abbas and Nazia

Shaheen, who fled to Pakistan; the 33-year-old Danish uncle and a cousin, Nomanulhaq Nomanhulaq, fugitives in Europe; finally another cousin, currently in prison in Reggio Emilia and connected with today’s hearing. His name is Ikram Ijaz and is currently the only person arrested for the affair. He was captured in France and handed over to the Italian authorities on 9 June.

“Soon he will speak with the magistrates,” his lawyers said.

All five are charged with premeditated murder, corpse concealment and kidnapping.

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