Sweden – Slovakia: 1-0 European Championships 2021. Final result and commentary on the match

Thank you for joining us in the Sweden-Slovakia live broadcast. Next meeting, Croatia-Czech Republic, at 6 pm, valid for the second round of group D of EURO2020.17:23

A penalty by Forsberg, at 32 ‘of the second half, pushes Sweden with arrogance towards the Round of 16. After the defensive match in the debut match against Spain (0-0), Andersson’s national team demonstrated that they can also play in attack by overcoming Hamsik’s Slovakia with merit and winning their first success at EURO2020 and the top of group E After a stingy first half of emotions and the two teams with the handbrake on, the match was ignited in the second half. The Scandinavians are more dangerous first with Augustinsson and Danielson and then with Isak who has the most sensational action on his head, but does not frame the mirror of the Slovak goal. Sterile ball possession and few offensive ideas, however, for Tarkovic’s men who have never seriously worried Robin Olsen. The wait is now rising for the match scheduled between Spain and Poland, scheduled for June 19, at 9 pm.17:21


TRIPLE WHISTLE! At the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg, Sweden beat Slovakia 1-0 and take the lead in Group E!16:54


Last chance for Slovakia. From sidereal distance, Kucka tries the shot of despair: a powerful but imprecise conclusion, which goes out at the bottom.17:07


A minute to the end of the hostilities. Slovakia’s assault protesting an alleged touch in the area with the forearm of a Swedish player. The VAR confirms that you can continue.16:51


Sweden also ends the foreign exchange slot. Forsberg gives way to Krafth.16:49


Slovakia in search of a draw. From the flag, Duda sends to the far post, Kucka’s detachment but overwhelms Lindelöf. Do it for the Swedes.16:48


Five minutes of injury time granted by the German Siebert.16:46


Double substitution for Andersson: Ekdal and Augustinsson are taken over by Svensson and Bengtsson.16:46


Yellow for Weiss, guilty of having stopped the restart of Claesson with bad manners.16:44


Last substitution in Slovakia: inside Hancko for Hubocan.16:43


The swirl of changes continues. Tarokvic throws Ďuriš into the fray for Hrošovský. 16:41


SWEDEN OPPORTUNITY! Conclusion of the newly entered Claesson, Hubocan’s deviation was decisive, saving the result. Chills down the back of the Slovaks.17:06


Third warning of the match. This time Duda ends up on the list of bad guys for protests.16:38


GOAL! SWEDEN 1-0 Slovakia! Forsberg Network! From the spot the number 10 of the Scandinavians made no mistake by putting the ball in the corner to the left of Dubravka, who guessed the trajectory, but did not get there. Sweden ahead!17:36


Change for Slovakia: a Hamšík never in the game gives way to Bénes.17:05


And Dúbravka gets the yellow for the foul in the area on Isak.17:05


Second change for Slovakia. An intangible Mak gives way to Weiss.16:33


Penalty for Sweden. Isak slingshot into the area after Quaison’s pocket, Dubravka can do nothing but knock him out. Forsberg is ready on the disk.16:31


Alexander Isak has started! The ram of Sweden starts from the midfield, leaves three opponents in place and unloads a right from the left corner of the area, Dubravka stretches out and deflects for a corner.16:30


ISAK! Great choral action from Sweden, aerial detachment of the Real Sociedad striker who dominates Satka, a ball that goes out over the crossbar. 17:34


A change also for Slovakia. Tarkovic calls Pekarík to make room for Haraslin.17:34


Double change in the ranks of Sweden: Olsson and Berg give way to Claesson and Quaison.16:24


SWEDEN AGAIN! Bank of Isak on a corner action for Danielson who under measure hits his head, but does not frame the seven.16:20


CHANCE SWEDEN! Cross from the right by Larsson, full forehead of Augustinsson who falls like a hammer on the ball, Dubravka flies to deny the joy of the goal to the Swede.17:04


DANGEROUS SLOVAKIA! Punishment on the left trocar of Hamsik, gored by Kucka, Olsen is overtaken, who with an open right hand sends over the crossbar. However, the assistant’s flag was raised to signal the Slovakian’s offside.16:16


After the first 10 minutes of the second half, the result always remains pinned to 0-0.16:12


There is movement on the Swedish bench. Robin Quaison warms up on the sidelines. Let’s see what Andersson will decide.16:10


There is no Slovakia! Pekarík serves Duda on the edge who releases his right foot just inside the area, aims inaccurately and the ball is lost over the crossbar.16:06


Two corners in just three minutes of play for Sweden. Larsson from the flag, sweeps the defense area of ​​Slovakia.16:04


SWEDEN OPPORTUNITY! The Scandinavians start the recovery immediately. Right of Isak, Skriniar immolates himself in a slip that sends the ball into the corner.16:03


THE SHOOTING BEGINS! On the pitch the same 22 players from the first half.16:00

In the second half, Andersson will have to identify new supply routes to trigger his gem Isak, one of the few capable of really hurting the Slovak rearguard, while Tarkovic will have to demand more from his outsiders Koscelnik and Mak, so far with the handbrake on in the their raids on the wings.16:10

First 45 minutes of play that go to the archive without particular emotions. After the first 20 minutes in which the Scandinavian team seemed to be in control of the game, Slovakia woke up from their torpor trying to make their way through the tight yellow and blue shirts, but without worrying too much Olsen. At the end of the first fraction there are only two corners on each side and a shot in the mirror: that of Larsson after 3 ‘from the kick-off.15:51


The first half ends at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg. The teams return to the locker room at 0-0.15:46


Sweden in trouble. Duda unloads on Hamsik, right flat just outside the box: to forget!17:02


Sweden seems to have let go of the reins a bit, Slovakia takes advantage of it with Duda who tries the heel shot in the area: Olsen does not worry about taking possession of the ball.15:43


Slovakia still forward: Kucka’s left end, Isak clears the area.15:41


Slovakia reappears from the parts of the Swedish defense. Koscelnik hits the middle with his left-handed, dirty ball, Hamsik rushes on the trajectory but he loses his balance and fails to tame the ball which ends its run on the bottom.17:01


Many errors on both sides in these first 33 minutes of play. So far only one shot in the mirror has been counted: Larsson’s after 3 ‘from the starting cast.15:33


Slovakia’s timid attempt at a reaction, with a cross from Kucka, but Danielson opposes in the area with his chest.15:31


Risk for Slovakia. Augustinsson bowl in the middle for Berg who raises a bell tower and then tries the gore on the fallout of the ball, Dubravka freaks out as he can.15:29


Slovakia in serious difficulty in attacking the spaces. They lack aggression and rhythm and also the thrust on the flanks of the winger Koscelnik and Mak.15:27


First yellow card of the match. At the third foul intervention, Olsson ends up guilty of having laid Juraj Kucka in Siebert’s notebook.17:00


Corner for Sweden beaten from the left by Forsberg, ball that dances dangerously in the area, Isak in an attempt to get there pinches Koscelnik with the tip of his foot. It resumes with a foul in favor of the Slovaks. The game does not take off.17:00


Sweden conquers meters by pouring all into the opposing half of the field. Danielson’s show of strength on the left out controlled by Pekarík, but the Swede badly misses the pass, sending the ball over the line.16:59


Traffic in midfield. Sweden is looking for some space to build the maneuver.15:16


On the overturn in front, Larsson’s free-kick from the right, Lustig’s header disturbed at the moment of impact, ball flying over the crossbar.15:15


Lunge to the right of Koscelnik who points the opponent and hits the middle, Olsen scream to call the ball, Danielson obeys and does not intervene, but almost the Scandinavian extreme does not lose control of the ball.16:59


Sweden closes the spaces well so far. Slovakia forced a horizontal ball round.15:08


Another cross from the right this time by Hamsik, who cuts the Gialloblù defense, slipped by Lindelöf, who sends for a corner.16:58


Sweden responds with the first conclusion of Larsson’s match, soiled by Skriniar, he collects Dubravka without worries.15:07


Dangerous insertion of Kucka who puts in the middle from the right, the flag of the assistant goes up for offside. First alarm bell for the Swedish defense.17:29


Sweden immediately under pressure, Slovakia round the ball, but I play stopped due to a foul by Olsson on Skriniar in midfield.15:01

START SWEDEN-SLOVAKIA! First ball touched by the Slovaks attacking from right to left.15:00

Teams in the field. The notes of the national anthems spread in the air. It’s time for Slovakia’s ‘Nad Tatrou sa blýska’, followed by Sweden’s ‘Du gamla, du fria’. About 17,000 spectators in the stands.14:56

The German whistle Daniel Siebert, assisted by fellow countrymen Jan Seidel and Rafael Foltyn, as assistants, and Marco Fritz in the VAR room will direct Sweden-Slovakia; fourth referee, however, the Bulgarian Georgi Kabakov.14:42

SLOVAKIA (4-2-3-1): Dubravka; Pekarik, Satka, Skriniar, Hubocan; Kucka, Hrosovsky; Koscelnik, Hamsik, Mak; Duda. All. Tarkovic.14:39

SWEDEN (4-4-2): Olsen; Lustig, Lindelof, Danielson, Augustinsson; S. Larsson, Olsson, Ekdal, Forsberg; Isaac, Berg. All. Anderson.14:39

Let’s now take a look at how Andersson and Tarkovic arrange their respective teams on the pitch. There is no news in the starting eleven of Sweden, which offers the same formation capable of breaking the draw against Spain, with Isak and Berg in attack, Larsson and Forberg offensive wards, and Lindelöf leading the defense. Two changes, however, between Slovakia’s squads with respect to the debut match against Poland: Hrosovsky, in place of Hromada, teaming up with Kucka in midfield; Koscelnik, preferred to Haraslin, will instead act on the flanks with Mak in the trio formed with the untouchable Hamsik behind Duda.16:10

Tantalizing match for statistics. Slovakia would go through if they beat Sweden, and would take the lone top of the group if they win today and Spain do not go beyond a draw in the match against Poland. The Swedes, on the other hand, like the Iberian national team, cannot count on the certainty of first or second place, nor be eliminated after the verdicts of this second day.14:35

Sweden comes to the appointment after closing the debut match against Spain at 0-0, in Seville. Slovakia, on the other hand, is galvanized by the 2-1 success of Lewandowski and Zielinski against Poland.14:33

Good afternoon from the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg. Welcome to the direct text of Sweden-Slovakia, a match valid for the second day of group E of EURO2020.14:40

Where the game is played:

Stadio: Saint Petersburg Stadium
City: Saint Petersburg
Capacity: 68134 spectators14:40

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