In Padua the largest street art work in Italy – Veneto

(ANSA) – PADUA, 18 JUN – With about 4 thousand square meters of surface, created by the French collective La Crémerie as part of the Biennale Street Art event, the municipal water system in via Bottazzo in Padua, managed by AcegasApsAmga, becomes the first national work of street art. Involved seven artists belonging to the French crew La Crémerie, who have given life to a unique work, at the service of the city. During the fifteen days of the event, the artists enhanced the imposing walls of the water tank with over 200 spray cans and 600 liters of color, also thanks to lifting platforms that allowed them to work safely.

Super Walls – Biennial of Street Art of Padua and its province, now in its second edition, scheduled for 5 to 20 June, celebrates street art as a tool for enhancing the urban landscape. The current event sees the participation of 39 street artists, including 13 women, from five European countries and committed to elaborating the theme of rebirth on 35 surfaces made available by private and institutional realities, companies, recreational facilities, religious institutes, offices university and city hospitals.

“Street Art in Padua with the Biennale is connected to ‘urbs picta’ because it is the capital of frescoes: frescoes from the ‘300, frescoes from the third millennium – underlines the councilor for culture Andrea Colasio -. We intervened in many neighborhoods, with an intervention that modifies the perception and self-representation of places. Art here changes the identity and perception of an object, it can be a wall, an industrial or service building, as in this case, not particularly significant in themselves , which thus takes on another value.

It is a cultured and refined intervention, it is a way to fully decline the past and the present, the fourteenth century of the urbs picta and the art for all of the third millennium “. (ANSA).

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