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Giampiero Boniperti he gave a great lesson, in football as in sport, with his presence on the pitch and as president of Juventus; his death, which occurred due to heart failure, at the age of 92, moved and aroused emotion in the protagonists of the world to which he belonged. There are those who have dedicated a post to him, those who have issued statements in memory of their friend and man and those who have mentioned a myth, today even more important.

The tribute of John Elkann and Andrea Agnelli

“I want to dedicate to Boniperti a thought of affection and gratitude for the emotions that as a player he gave not only to Juventus, but to all football fans”.

So the president and CEO of Exor, John Elkann, he answered all’ANSA approached Orvieto on Friday morning on the sidelines of a stage of the MilleMiglia in which he is participating.

“Even as an executive, he continued to write unforgettable pages in the history of Juventus. His memory will remain forever in the hearts of all of us ”.

“That day in the Eighties, when I receive a telegram on the occasion of a Sisport victory against Torino … that day I discover Boniperti, that day I discover the third element of you that enters me.
Legend for everyone “.

These are the words of the president Andrea Agnelli, on twitter, to remember Giampiero Boniperti.

Del Piero’s post of affection for President Boniperti

“Dear President, no one has been Juventus like you, and no one will be. I owe you almost everything, as a footballer, and a lot as a man too. Because without Juventus, without his Juventus, I would not be who I am ”.

So on the social networks the former Juventus captain today commentator Alessandro Del Piero, in a memory of Giampiero Boniperti, a Juventus legend, who disappeared during the night.

“I will always be grateful to her and I hope I have been able to reward her on and off the pitch, as she wanted. Thank you president ”, reads the post.

Michel Platini, portrait of Boniperti

“Boniperti was Juventus, especially his Juventus, he was the corporate man, he tried to have only people capable of winning in the team”.

Michel platini entrusts the memory of the man with whom to ANSA Juventus has spent five successful years.

“He had no particular feelings, sympathies or empathy if he realized that even big players were no longer useful, despite their legend had no qualms. He was a strong and very cold man, but capable of lighting up for game situations, before and after the match “. “He was indestructible – continues Platini – and sure of himself, he knew everything. I had no relationship with him off the pitch, but in those five years he was very important for the results I got. He knew how to do his job very well because he knew football well because he came from football, he was the right person in the right place, chosen by the Agnelli family. Juve was in his heart, but maybe it was his heart. The last time I met him in London for the 100th anniversary of Fifa, he represented a huge slice of Italian and world football “.

The words of the president of CONI Giovanni Malagò

“With Boniperti another one who has built a good piece of the history of this sport goes away. A mythical character who deserves great respect for what his history has been, as an athlete and as a football manager ”.

The president of Coni says so Giovanni Malagò, in a press point in Palazzo H, remembering the former Juventus and Azzurri footballer and manager who passed away last night.

“I was very fond of him – added the head of Italian sport – even if there was a rebound teasing that also involved the lawyer Agnelli. It was a time when I was more carefree ”.

Paolo Dal Pino’s tribute to Boniperti

Paolo Dal Pino, president of the Serie A league recalled the former footballer and manager as follows:

“Boniperti is an icon of Italian football, a noble figure to be inspired by for everything he has done for our sport”.

The president of Lega Serie A Paolo Dal Pino, also on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer Luigi De Servant and of all the societies, expresses the deepest condolences to the family members, joining in their pain.

The memory of Inter

“FC Internazionale gathers around the Boniperti family for the death of Giampiero, a great sportsman and noble opponent in many legendary football pages”. So on social media, the nerazzurri Italian champion club paid tribute to the “rival” Giampiero Boniperti.

Giorgio Chiellini’s message

“If a child asked me who Giampiero Boniperti is, I would reply that he was and always will be Juventus. Thanks for everything Presidentissimo ”: from the retirement of the national team, also the Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini remember on social media Boniperti.

Leonardo Bonucci and thanks to Boniperti

“And now teach the angels that winning is not important, it is the only thing that matters: have a good trip Presidentissimo”. From the withdrawal of the National, the Juventus player Leonardo Bonucci greets Giampiero Boniperti with a message on Instagram.

Boniperti in the memory of Dino Zoff

“It was an important part of my life and that of Juve: it was its soul, I would say that it created the Juve style, for rules, methods and dedication”. Dino Zoff, goalkeeper of the you of the six league titles won with Trapattoni on the bench and Boniperti as president, on the phone with ANSA he remembers the top manager of that team that has remained in the history of Italian football.

“He had been a great player – he says Zoff – he was a great president, a symbol of that football that is certainly different. I just remember that talking about awards did not go through the prosecutors, but went directly to the president. And with him it wasn’t easy ”.

Gravina’s homage

“The disappearance of Boniperti represents an immense pain. Extraordinary footballer, impeccable manager, he leaves us one of the most representative figures of Italian football.

His competence, his style and his determination have taught us a lot, we will never forget it ”. Thus the president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina remembers Giampiero Boniperti.

Flag of Juventus, with which from 1946 to 1961 he made 443 appearances, winning 5 league titles and 2 Italian Cups, he also boasts 38 appearances and 8 goals in the national team. He made his debut in the blue jersey on November 9, 1947, taking part in the 1950 and 1954 World Championships. Honorary President of the Juventus, in 2012 he joined the ‘Italian Football Hall of Fame’ in the ‘Manager’ category.

Claudio Gentile saddened by the death of Boniperti

“A news that put me in great sadness, he was a great president. I lived a great career with him thanks above all to his competence in managing the team with the coach ”.

This is the memory of Gianpiero Boniperti by Claudio Gentile, former Juve and national team. “He was very careful with young people, he told us get married because he wanted us to have a family and be calm. I played in Varese – adds Gentile to Radio 1 – he summoned me to the venue and told me when he saw me up close but how can they say that you are little, so they said about me “.

The dedication of the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali

“Goodbye to Giampiero Boniperti.
Protagonist and witness of a football that drove the rebirth of our country after the war.

Thank you for what you have given on the pitch for the blue shirt and for the great contribution offered to Italian sport as a manager ”. Thus the undersecretary for sport Valentina Vezzali on the death of Boniperti.
“Myths – he adds on Twitter – never die”

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