Continued blackout: what happens in Milan? With the heat, the metropolis remains dark and without electricity

Continued blackout: what happens in Milan? With the heat, the metropolis remains dark and without electricity
Continued blackout: what happens in Milan? With the heat, the metropolis remains dark and without electricity

Other than a city in the shadow of the Madonnina, in this hot early summer week a Milano the shadow turned out to be almost a mirage … like being able to turn on an air conditioner or simply the light to defend yourself from the sun and the heat.

In fact, in recent days the Lombard capital has been the protagonist of blackout a raffica, which have paralyzed (indiscriminately) the most varied areas of the cities: with a lot of democracy, it must be recognized.

From the “good living room”, or the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, at the Rinascente (evacuated), up to Town Council – with a lot of interruption in progress due to skipped PCs – passing through the whole North area.

Why this phenomenon but, above all, can we hope for a quick resolution? Finally, last question, perhaps the most important, are we sure that the problem only concerns Milan?


Passion week in Milan: blackout in bursts

As he tells Before Milan, the blackouts in the city started already at the beginning of the week. The north area of the city was without electricity throughout evening of Monday 15 June. The day before, Monday 14, the blackouts affected the heart of the metropolis, paralyzing many activities in the historic center for almost an hour, starting with Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, but also in via Manzoni and via Verdi. Feltrinelli took customers out of his spaces, merchants and restaurateurs gave up. Also blocked Town Council which meets in mixed mode. In total they are counted about eighty blocks in the service only between Monday and Wednesday.

It was then the turn, on the day of Thursday 17 June, of City Studies and again in the center where, for about half an hour, several shops remained in the dark. Also there Rinascente she was hit by a blockade before lunch, forced to evacuate the premises and let all customers out. Same script in the area of Roman Gate, for about 10 hours.

The heat sends consumption haywire

The reason for these continuous inefficiencies is linked to significant heat wave that has hit the city in the last few days. Such high temperatures, in fact, induce a drastic increase in consumption. The demand for electricity has risen considerably: we are talking about a + 25% in consumption compared to last week: a not indifferent datum but, above all, not sustainable at present, hence the current that “jumps”.

“The maximum load of 2021 on the electricity grid, with a sudden increase of 25 per cent of consumption which in two days has risen compared to last week “.

So Unareti – the sole company for network services that manages the distribution of electricity and gas in an integrated and widespread manner which, in recent days, has issued several press releases to apologize to citizens, guaranteeing that it is working to resolve the situation. The company has quadrupled the number of emergency response teams, at work 24 hours a day to complete the repairs of faults that have occurred in the last few days and restore the network to its standard order. Certain times, to date, have not been indicated because Unareti has clarified that for one final resolution requires huge investments.

Political controversy

The Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala:

“I talked about it with the top management of A2A because objectively, political implications aside, it is clear that it is one situation that cannot work. The answer is that many of the problems are rooted in time. There is an investment plan to make sure it doesn’t have to happen again. We will monitor, my attention is totally on the subject “.

Externations that did not convince i candidates of the Brothers of Italy to the City Council, Chiara Valcepina, president of the business and professions club, e Francesco Rocca, Milanese president of National Youth:

“Mayor Sala confines himself to urging A2A, the subsidiary of the Municipality that manages electricity in Milan, to make more investments. What is the first citizen expecting to intervene on the top management of the company, which he has partly chosen personally ? It is clear that these inefficiencies are the consequence of years of mismanagement, which passed with the guilty silence of the leftist administration. Mayor wake up and take action immediately”.

Even in Cuneo

Obviously, the overload of a “demanding” electricity grid such as that of the Lombard capital exposes the area to greater risks of blackouts, but the phenomenon it did not occur only in the Milanese metropolis. As he tells First Cuneo, in fact, on the morning of Monday 14 June – also in this case in correspondence with the great heat – in the center of Cuneo there was a sudden blackout. Around 8.30, the power went out in almost the entire historic center of Cuneo. In also tilt the Town Hall: the lack of electricity, in fact, knocked out all the PCs on the network for about an hour, before returning to normal. At some counters there is nothing left to do but interrupt the provision of services for an hour, inviting users to wait or come back in the middle of the morning. Also inconveniences for banks, offices and shops in the area. Fortunately, in a relatively short time, the problem was resolved.

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