Vaccini, from 25 June it will be possible to change the date and place of the recall – Graphs

On 8 August 3 out of 4 Lombards in the vaccinable audience (9,013,424) will have received at least the 1st dose. And again: between July 19 and August 5, there will be the extraordinary opening of 100,000 slots for children aged 12 to 18 to guarantee one dose before departures in August and the second before returning to school in September.

These are some of the themes illustrated by the coordinator of the Lombardy vaccination campaign, Guido Bertolaso, during the press conference which he attended at Palazzo Lombardia together with the president, Attilio Fontana, the vice president and councilor for welfare, letizia Moratti and the councilor for civil protection and Urban planning, Pietro Foroni.

Bertolaso ​​also took a picture of the progress of the vaccination campaign, underlining the excellent results achieved especially for the group considered most at risk, i.e. the over 60, vaccinated with both doses for 82% in the 60/69 range, for 87% in the 70/79 range and 88% in the range over 80. The results for the other groups were also significant.

“We still have to vaccinate in an important way – he explained – the category between 12 and 20 years, which has not yet booked at the desired pace, but we think that this fear and mistrust over the weeks will go down and we are organizing. Unlike others, we didn’t do Vax days for 18-year-olds by administering AstraZeneca. We did not go against the tide to show that we were better than the others, but we have carried out a vaccination process based on the indications of the Government by age group ».

The start of the massive campaign (April 15) allowed Lombardy to administer over 5.5 million doses in just over two months, reaching peaks of over 115,000 vaccinations per day. «To ensure a safe return to school – added Bertolaso ​​- up to 100,000 reservations will be open from the end of June to encourage younger Lombard citizens to get vaccinated in the last two weeks of July and the first week of August. In this way they will be able to go on vacation in August with a dose and return to school in September with a complete vaccination cycle ».


The change of strategy decided at national level on the recalls with AstraZeneca for the under 60 has led to a sudden change in the programming of mRNA vaccines. “Thanks to the close and constructive collaboration with the commissioner structure – specified Guido Bertolaso ​​- the Region will have extra deliveries for the month of June of about 100,000 doses which will allow to avoid any displacements of Moderna and to continue the vaccination campaign with minimal impact. for citizens waiting “.


Heterologous vaccinations began in Lombardy on Thursday 17 June. Bertolaso ​​explained that there were no «difficulties. Out of the total number of people booked between Monday 14 and yesterday (about 400,000), 11,000 people did not show up ». This is an absolutely physiological number and linked more than anything else to reasons other than the recall with another vaccine.“There were no negative reactions to the doctor who informed the under 60s about heterologous vaccination – concluded Bertolaso ​​- and in the vast majority of cases there was total adhesion”.


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