Intel Iris Xe DG1, the first review is online

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ETA Prime published the review of the GPU Intel Iris Xe DG1 made by ASUS. This is the first review of this dedicated graphics card, recently available on the consumer market (more or less). In fact, being available to consumers does not mean that it is available for the DIY market. The ASUS DG1 is in fact only available in pre-built systems, as Iris Xe is only supported by some motherboards.

As Videocardz reports, ETA Prime therefore bought a CyberpowerPC $ 750 to get the ASUS DG1 graphics card in some way. It is a system based on the CPU Intel Core Rocket Lake-S 11th generation (an i5-11400F) which does not have integrated graphics. It is then equipped with a motherboard PRIME H410M-A / CSM, which is one of the two ASUS motherboards that support that DG1 GPU. The graphics, of course, are handled by the ASUS DG1 (Iris Xe) which is based on the Xe-LP architecture.

The dedicated graphics card has 4GB di memoria LPDDR4X-4266, 80 Execution Unit (EU) it’s a TDP of 30W. Such low power consumption means that passive cooling is sufficient and no additional power connectors are needed (the card is powered only through the slot).

ETA Prime has tested the Iris Xe graphics card in 3DMark software and a couple of popular games. The graphics card got it 1630 graphic points in Time Spy, 5837 punti in Fire Strike e 21313 punti in Night Raid. Comparing the Time Spy score, used by the official 3DMark ranking, it would appear that the ASUS DG1 graphics card is 31% faster than the Iris Xe G7 mobile graphics. This score is comparable to Radeon HD 7870 or GeForce GTX 760.

Photo: ETA Prime

That said, in the benchmarks, achieves the performance of a mid-range GPU from the 2012/2013 era but it also requires 6 times less power. ETA later compared the GPU to Ryzen 7 5700G integrated graphics, and both solutions offered nearly identical performance. However, you shouldn’t compare this graphics card to synthetic benchmarks, because they don’t take this model’s fast memory into account, let alone the capacity.

That said, ETA Prime has continued to test the graphics card with some games. The GPU performs quite well at low to medium 1080p settings in most titles. In fact, it can even perform Cyberpunk 2077, but the experience may even be worse than what the game had when it launched on PlayStation 4.

Photo: Videocardz / ETA Prime

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