watch out for Fonseca, Garcia and Liverani

Flash negotiation between Rino and the Spurs, almost ‘suspicious’ according to the Nation. And Fiorentina is looking for a new coach: not only Italian in the crosshairs

All so fast. Almost suspicious. Gattuso, as they say around here, he hasn’t even let her get cold that she has found her probable new destination. Abandoned – tearing up a never filed agreement – la Fiorentina his attorney in a hurry (?) put on his feet a flash negotiation with Tottenham who was betrothed to Paulo Fonseca. So he writes The nation.

THE OTHER BREAK. The surprising break between Fonseca and the Spurs at first it had been traced back to one tax issue. But the separation would have nothing to do with economic aspects. The London club and the former Roma coach, also reports the Daily Telegraph, they would break up after one decision which, now more than ever, is appeared surprising. A move that however bears the signature of the sporting director Paratici, fresh back in charge with Tottenham that he had chased Gattuso even when he was at Juventus.

FOR THE VIOLA. So the Fiorentina has returned to take an interest in Fonseca for the after Gattuso. The coach would gladly return to Italy, there is also the Fenerbahce but the appeal of our league is high for the Portuguese coach. Then watch out for Rudi Garcia, connoisseur of the Italian championship for having been at the Roma. Last year he led the Lyon up to the threshold of the Champions League. Contacts had also been initiated with Liverani in the early afternoon, then resumed in the late evening. There would be then an acceleration to try to snatch Italian from La Spezia, ma the company is making a wall, after having renewed the contract recently until 2023 with option 2024.


watch Fonseca Garcia Liverani

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