advances June 21, 2021, episode plot

advances June 21, 2021, episode plot
advances June 21, 2021, episode plot

Advances episode of the Turkish soap Love is in the Air of Monday 21 June 2021: Last day in Antalaya. Serkan is about to receive the award when, without being able to foresee it, paparazzi show up to photograph him with Eda: Ferit, involuntarily, inspired Kaan through that photo of the engagement contract to annoy his enemy Bolat.

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Selin takes the opportunity to embarrass Eda in front of the press: the girl at first does not want to speak but then accepts for Serkan’s sake; however, it is precisely the young man who takes her away in time to avoid the paparazzi.

Our protagonists return home and Eda waits for Serkan to go to work: the boy doesn’t show up and Eda discovers that Bolat never works on August 19th…

Meanwhile, Mr. Fikret arrives in the office, making a series of bizarre requests to Eda about a singer who should be present for his wife’s party. Eda asks for help from Engin and Piril, who dissuade her from following the endless list of strange things requested by Fikret.

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advances June episode plot

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