“Commisso and Gattuso explain what happened, credibility is at stake. And in the meantime Fiorentina are ridiculous”

The journalist Alberto Dusty spoke about the case Fiorentina-Gattuso in his editorial on the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio: “They have to talk, explain, clarify. If they don’t, they lose credibility. Commisso e Gattuso, the great friends of Calabria, they cannot be silent, they must not be silent. People a Florence he does not understand and in the meantime the Fiorentina he becomes ridiculous. All records broke: the coach left before starting his job. That coach who Commisso he had wanted with all of himself, the same coach who at first said no, then yes, finally no. But Florence she stretched out at his feet, saw in Gattuso a real person, with the pride that the Florentines love. He hadn’t spoken yet, he hadn’t opened his mouth yet and the fans were all on his side, convinced that it would represent a turning point that had been overdue for too many years ”.

Keep it up Dusty: “The problem is that the Fiorentina she did not know the man who had entered the house at all, she did not know his history, character, personality, certainly also his football. If you take Laird you can’t tell him to play the 3-man defense, because he’s 4-3-3. If you take Iachini, you can’t tell him to play only and only in attack, because it’s not his football. If you take Gattuso, you only have to do one thing, hand over the keys to the sports center, venue and stadium. Otherwise, don’t take it, go find another one. This story is bad and serious and it’s not just football. It is a “political” question e Florence (but not only Florence) must know the truth, if the protagonists of this sad story do not want to ridicule themselves, they must talk, they cannot be silent. Their credibility is at stake. They’re treating football like it’s their thing, there Fiorentina as if it were a private club, but it is not. Football belongs to everyone and there Fiorentina is of the people of Florence and of those who love purple. If they keep quiet, if they hide, from now on no one has to believe anymore Commisso it’s at Gattuso”.


Commisso Gattuso explain happened credibility stake Fiorentina ridiculous

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