Hot, orange badge in 10 cities over the weekend. “More risks for long Covid”

Hot, orange badge in 10 cities over the weekend. “More risks for long Covid”
Hot, orange badge in 10 cities over the weekend. “More risks for long Covid”

Hot record in Italy in weekend. And ten cities have already been marked with the orange sticker, the one that indicates conditions weather with health risks. But there is also one in red on Sunday, an emergency situation, and it is Brescia, already orange today. The bulletin of the Ministry of Health, which monitors 27 cities, for Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 gives orange stickers for Bologna, Bolzano, Florence, Perugia and Turin. On Sunday 20 Ancona, Campobasso, Palermo, Rieti, Rome and Verona are added in orange.

Risks for those who have had Covid

Who had the Covid risk more from the heat. The Ministry of Health reported it. “Greater risk of suffering the effects of heat” and less tolerance to high summer temperatures for long-term Covid patients. This is what is read in the Summer 2021 Activity Plan in relation to the Covid19 epidemic of last May 17 of the Ministry of Health, National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ccm) and Department of Epidemiology SSR Lazio Region in which surveillance for waves of warmth and emphasizes the particular condition of the “over 3.5 million Italians recovered from Covid-19». Some recent case studies, it is underlined, “suggest, in fact, a lower tolerance to heat of people who have developed a post Covid syndrome (long-term COVID-19), characterized, even months after infection, by symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and coughing, or other disturbances such as palpitations, weakness, fever, sleep disturbances, dizziness, delirium (in older people), difficulty concentrating, gastrointestinal disturbances, anxiety and depression ‘.

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“This year – reads the document – the Plan for the prevention of the health effects of heat waves and the daily mortality surveillance activity will be reshaped to take into account both the risk of heat waves and the risk associated with Covid-19 and the impact of the different operating methods that will be implemented at the local level in the various regions, in particular in the social-welfare field “. In particular, in the planning of summer activities, the following must be highlighted for summer 2021 in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic: identification of the subgroups of the population susceptible to heat on the basis of the presence of specific chronic diseases and use of drugs that can promote disorders from heat, or in conditions of solitude and isolation; identify among those who are at greater risk of developing adverse effects of heat also patients discharged / cured from Covid-19 who show chronic symptoms (long-term Covid-19 patients); monitoring of susceptible individuals at home, through home visits (in compliance with anti-Covid measures) or, if available in the area, remote assistance systems, on days when climatic conditions at risk for health are expected (level 1, level 2 and level 3 of the HHWWS bulletin); surveillance of subjects susceptible to heat aimed at the stay of patients at home through; inform patients and their families on how to protect themselves from the heat by continuing to maintain appropriate protection measures against the risk of contagion from Covid-19. “Remember that – it is specified in the Plan for the prevention of the effects of heat waves on health – symptoms such as fever, dry cough and weakness can be symptoms of Covid-19”.

Hot, temperatures

It will be reached in Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June the peak of the first heat wave. With peaks of 39-41 degrees expected on inland Sicily, but also in Puglia, on the Foggia area. Peaks of 37-38 degrees on some stretches of the Po Valley such as in Emilia, in particular between the Bolognese and Ferrara areas, and in the innermost areas of Tuscany. The increase in the phenomenon of heat will also aggravate the uncomfortable situation, which will help to maintain very high temperatures even during the night. TO Roma for Saturday and Sunday temperatures will rise above 30 degrees, especially in the central band of the day, the one that goes from 11 in the morning to 18.

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36 degrees expected in Bologna

First summer heat wave expected in Bologna: a maximum temperature of 36 degrees is expected for Sunday 20 June. The Bolognese Usl company therefore alerted the emergency rooms, hospitals, nursing homes and assistance facilities for the elderly, family doctors and pediatricians, home care nurses in the metropolitan area, in addition to the Hubs and to vaccination centers. In addition to the usual recommendations for citizens – limit the stay outdoors during the hottest hours, drink plenty of water – the e-Care support project is active for the most frail and elderly, which provides for periodic telephone calls and any home assistance interventions. The toll-free number is 800 562 110 and is active from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17, Saturdays from 8.30 to 13. The service responds to calls from citizens for information on how to prevent and mitigate the effects of heat waves but also for requests for assistance services, transport, and drug delivery, shopping and home reports.

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