Covid today: Emilia Romagna coronavirus bulletin. Data June 18, 2021 – Chronicle

Covid today: Emilia Romagna coronavirus bulletin. Data June 18, 2021 – Chronicle
Covid today: Emilia Romagna coronavirus bulletin. Data June 18, 2021 – Chronicle

Bologna, 18 June 2021 – By the end of the summer in Emilia Romagna “The threshold of 70% of citizens who have been injected at least the first dose will be reached with reasonable certainty”. This was announced by the regional councilor Raffaele Donini: with over 2.2 million citizens having the first dose (55.1% of the target) and 1.15 million fully immunized with two doses, we are “past the halfway point,” he says.

Rt index stable in Italy at 0.69. Emilia Romagna, Marche and Veneto at low risk

Yesterday in the region 89 new cases of Covid (29 asymptomatic) on 16,809 and tampons (0.5% positive). Always drop i hospitalizations: patients in intensive care are 49 (-2) and 254 are assisted in the other Covid departments (-15). In the afternoon the Region will publish the covid bulletin of today, June 18: we will give you an account by updating this article in real time.

National data Covid infections today, the bulletin of 18 June on the Coronavirus in Italy and in the regions


In Emilia Romagna the cases of Delta variant “there are very few”, but “obviously sequencing is needed”. He says it Stefano Bonaccini, interviewed this morning at Agorà on Raitre. “The number of infections here continues to drop in the overall number and the cases of the Delta variant are very few and the vaccinations are going very well”, Bonaccini reports. As for the vaccination campaign “yesterday we exceeded three million and 350,000 doses, I had estimated to reach 3.5 million doses at the end of June, I think we could even stand at 3.7-3.8 million because yesterday we did 45,000 administrations per day “.

By the end of the weekend, therefore, the governor still reckons, “we should have 1.2 million vaccinated definitively, we have another million who took the first dose and will soon make the second and then we have almost 600,000 booked in the windows opened in recent days between the ages of 12 and 39 “. Now, Bonaccini concludes,” we will invest and insist on booking everyone who can, but the pace is going very well. “

Stefano Bonaccini invites the Emilia-Romagna to “continue to respect the anti-Covid rules”, even if the masks outdoors. “I think that soon outdoors, from what I read, the masks can be removed by a government decision, the responsibility and sacrifices we have been forced to pay, along with the vaccine”, says the regional president, today at the Rizzoli di Bologna for the 125th anniversary of the birth of the orthopedic institute. On the sidelines of the day, Bonaccini lists the downward numbers of the pandemic and upward of vaccinations. Of course, the number of victims “until it is permanent zero will not leave us in peace”.

For what concern green pass “I think it is a useful tool, I have always said it – recalls Bonaccini – so that you can travel and ensure maximum presence for your holidays in complete safety. The accommodation facilities in this region say that there are many reservations and we hope that one of the most dramatically affected sectors, tourism, can start again and as well as possible “.

On the farewell to masks at least outdoors, the Regional Health Councilor, Raffaele Donini, distrusts the political tug-of-war and instead totally relies on the green light of scientists. “When the scientific community deems it appropriate to promote this measure, because the level of immunization will be high and the incidence of cases will be decreased, I will be happy to adapt. But I tend to rely on the scientific community and not on the political debate”, Donini underlines.

There are 200,315 tests carried out in the last 24 hours in Italy. The day before yesterday there were 203,173. Now the positivity rate is 0,7%, slightly higher than the day before yesterday when it was at 0.6 per cent.

There are 444 patients admitted to intensive care for the Covid in Italy, with a decline of 27 units in 24 hours. THE hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 2,888, a decrease of 176 units compared to the previous twenty-four hours.

From over 3,300 intensive therapies to the current 444; from 24 thousand ordinary hospitalizations to the current 2,888. In two months the Italian hospitals have (almost) emptied themselves of the sick Covid. Today, for both, the rate has dropped to 5%. In the afternoon, the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection will publish the updated data: you will find them here in real time.

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