at the Idroscalo the first rainbow garden in Milan

The Idroscalo is enriched with a new installation with Stefano Rossetti’s Rainbow Park

In the heart of theIdroscalo an explosion of color, joy and freedom arrives: Rainbow Park, the first rainbow garden in Milan, which can be visited from Saturday 12 June.

Rainbow Park is an installation created by the designer and artist Stefano Rossetti. The idea behind the project is to transform the rainbow flag, a symbol of inclusion and rights, into a place to live together. The installation, consisting of street furniture, sculptures and colored metal objects, specifically includes:

  • ten single and double sessions
  • eleven dancing sculptures
  • fifty colored flowers
  • the roundabouts

The sinuous shapes of the seats, the dynamism of the sculptures and the power of the colors create a new environment in the name of beauty and sharing within the Idroscalo park.

Just as the Metropolitan City embraces all the municipalities of its territory, of which the Idroscalo is a flagship, in the same way the Rainbow Park embraces all people in a welcoming atmosphere, to invite the public to carry out the work more beautiful and desired: to return to living the community, in the awareness that the enhancement of differences and civil rights constitutes a factor of growth, innovation and wealth for all.

The Idroscalo hosts a new installation, which adds to the many works already present in the Parco dell’Arte. This shows that our work is headed in the right direction. The Idroscalo is not only a space for practicing sports at a competitive level, but also a place where you can have fun surrounded by greenery, and where culture, beauty and rights are combined. “. Arianna Censi, Deputy Mayor Metropolitan City of Milan.

We are happy to welcome this new design installation at the Idroscalo to enrich the cultural dimension of the park, where art and design mix in a line of urban furnishings that offer a unique immersive experience.“. Maria Cristina Pinoschi, Deputy Director General of the Metropolitan City of Milan and Director of the Idroscalo Institute of Milan.

Stefano Rossetti is a Milanese designer and artist with an international background.

His works are multifaceted and range from visual arts, sculpture and design. He is also the founder and art director of the creative agency PEPE them from Milan. In recent years he has given birth to

installations of great visual and emotional impact thanks to his Rossetti Design Park, a project that is becoming the protagonist of the latest Design Weeks, of an installation at MUDEC in Milan and of various international events. His most recent project is 60 days project – Kenya, developed in Kenya alongside local artisans during the most difficult months of the pandemic.

The installation will be at the Park from 12 June 2021 to 12 June 2022.

It is located in the southern forest area. South Head and Bosco entrances.

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