Coronavirus, what will happen after the summer: Palù’s forecast

“We cannot say for sure what will happen in September. It is possible that the virus will become endemic, but we cannot unbalance ourselves because it is the first pandemic of this magnitude that we live “. He said it Giorgio Palù, president of Aifa, to SkyTg24 answering a question about what could happen after the summer.

“It is the first pandemic coronavirus, and therefore we have little experience. I do not venture with the forecasts, but what is more logical to expect – he said – is that this virus becomes endemic“.

“As has happened for other coronaviruses that have passed from animals to humans or for influenza viruses – he explained – we we will have to live with this virus“.

“We are observing how the spread of the virus is synchronous on our planet and not all of them are protected. We will therefore have to think about vaccinating the poorest countries, we are working on this with the Covax program ”.

“Everything will depend on the movements and on how much other countries and populations also get vaccinated. But we have already known since the 90s that coronaviruses give a fairly long-lasting immunity and also a cross-reactivity among the Beta genus. I believe that sooner or later humanity will adapt, how it has adapted to all pandemics ”.

Delta variant and third dose of the vaccine, Palù speaks

The president of the Italian drug agency and member of the technical-scientific committee then reassured about the danger of Delta variant of the coronavirus, which in the United Kingdom has caused a new surge in infections.

“The word ‘variant’ evokes a sense of danger, but we must remember – he said – that it is one of the normal functions of viruses. What we do know is that these variants are also kept under control by the antibodies of the vaccine “.

On the possibility of having to do one third dose of the Covid vaccine next winter, Palù said it is still early to speak and that there are studies underway. But, he added, “it appears that the antibodies have a longer lifespan than previously thought, of at least 11-12 months.”

Regarding the obligation to wear a mask outdoors, the president of Aifa said that “it is desirable that from July it will be possible to do without it, but the discussion is not scheduled today”.

Virgil News | 06-18-2021 11:54

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