Blue Box still teases the audience, more messages from the team

Blue Box still teases the audience, more messages from the team
Blue Box still teases the audience, more messages from the team

The reveal of Abandoned continues to be at the center of a real storm, with hypotheses, speculations and articulated theories that try to connect the title to the Silent Hills/P.T. of Hideo Kojima.

The “abandoned” project by Konami for several years now, at the same time as the Japanese company broke up with the author of Metal Gear Solid, has been at the center of many rumors for some time now, which would like him to be ready to return. In the wake of these rumors, the announcement of the exclusive PlayStation 5 Abandoned attracted enormous attention, attracted by the bizarre communication partner initiated by the team of Blue Box Game Studios.

And while there are those who investigate the past of the authors of Abandoned and Geoff Keighley promises news on Abandoned very soon, further ambiguous messages arrive from the Twitter account of the software house. In particular, Blue Box Game Studios writes: “Company detail: BLUE does not refer to color, but to something else. Can you guess?“. The twittering is followed by further messages, one of which with the indication “B.L.U.E.” and another who promises, to the first who can guess, a “access to Andoned’s Closed Alfa as soon as it is ready“The answer, apparently, will be shared within 24 hours.

Obviously, Twitter users went wild in highlighting the already noted similarity between the logo used by Blue Box and that of the PlayStation Studios, but the whole continues to be surrounded by an aura of mystery. That there really is a hand of Hideo Kojima? Or is it just a small team determined to promote their game in a bizarre way?


Blue Box teases audience messages team

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