the 5 lire of 1914 can be worth 15 thousand euros

Coins that have characterized the history of our country. Coins that have given and will give luster to the memory of a bygone time.

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There are coins that more than others have made the history of a particular country. Coins that with their inimitable charm, tied aesthetics but linked above all to the mental reconstruction and not only of that historical context of which they were protagonists, they have marked, in fact, the life path of millions of Italians. A coin is a witness of eras, moments of great hope and moments of great tragedy. The history of certain coins is forever linked to that of their own country.

In Italy, among the coins worthy of note, among those of which it is impossible not to tell is certainly the 5 lire. Some examples of this much charming money can be worth a fortune, others can have a purely symbolic value. Let’s find out the most striking cases. Cases in which to possess such a coin can mean having a real fortune.

The path of this currency, which today in some specimens can be worth as much as 15 thousand euros, began in 1807, the date of the first series of this very particular specimen. The end of this coin, its last series minted, instead dates back to 1951, let’s talk about the postwar period, in short, and of a coin that went through all the most painful phases of the Italian twentieth century, up to the days of hope and the return to life.

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Rare coins: the precious 5 lire from 1914, all there is to know about this incredible treasure

5 read (Adobe)

Among the undisputed treasures of heritage Italian numismatist there is without any doubt the 5 lire minted in 1914. Defined as a quadriga for its undisputed beauty, which make it one of the most sought-after coins in the world, it was printed by King Vittorio Emanuele III observing a respect for details never seen before. 25 grams for 37mm, a real masterpiece. On the one hand the half-bust of the sovereign, on the other the olive branch that symbolizes Italy, among horses and flowers.

The value of that currency, under optimal conditions, what is defined as “brilliant uncirculated” can reach the exorbitant figure of 15 thousand euros. In the event that the specimen is not maintained in the best conditions, an evaluation can be obtained in any case very close to 7 thousand euros.

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Numerous others specimens of 5 lire that reach up to 1951 maintain valuations that are not entirely consonant, in some cases with the historical value of this precious currency. A few euros for a piece of Italian history, a currency that has marked the best and worst moments of a history made up of great and great tragedies resurrezioni. The five lire is Italian heritage, a treasure of unspeakable value, despite everything. Authentic, real, national heart and daring value, as well as practical, materialistic, for purely collecting purposes.

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