Saman Abbas, her brother confirms: her uncle Danish killed her

The brother, tracked down on May 10 while he was leaving Italy and since then in a protected community, had already been heard and said that his uncle had confessed to him that he had killed the young woman, who had opposed an arranged marriage and wanted leave the family, after returning home for a short time. The evidentiary incident serves to “crystallize” his statements.

Uncle Danish is wanted in half of Europe together with the other suspects: Saman’s parents, Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen, who fled to Pakistan, and his cousin Nomanulhaq Nomanhulaq who is also presumed to be in Europe. The other investigated cousin, Ikram Ijaz, the only one arrested in the affair, attended the hearing on video link from the Reggio Emilia prison where he has been detained since 9 June when he was handed over to Italy by the French authorities who had arrested him on 28 May. as he fled to Spain. All five suspects are accused of premeditated murder, body concealment and kidnapping.

Saman’s brother’s lawyer: “Very delicate investigation”

“It is a very delicate investigation. Being a minor, the requirements of maximum protection go far beyond the technical defense. You will understand my absolute silence”. Thus the lawyer Valeria Miari who legally assisted Saman’s sixteen-year-old brother during the probative incident. This morning the minor reiterated what he had already told the investigators, namely that his sister was killed by his uncle Danish Hasnain, 33,

Prosecutor: “We will be satisfied when we finish the investigation” “I’ll be satisfied when we get to the end of the investigation.” So Isabella Chiesi, chief attorney regent of Reggio Emilia, commented at the end of the probative incident to which Saman’s sixteen-year-old brother underwent.


Saman Abbas brother confirms uncle Danish killed

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