the appeal of the lover goes around the web and he shows up

Cupid’s arrow was shot on 11 June, at 9.30 pm. Lucia is on the phone with an operator from Amazon to manage the refund procedure for a package. They chat for 5 minutes but that voice can no longer get it out of his head. The boy Amazon knows practically nothing: he only knows that he is 30 years old, half Sardinian and half Tuscan, works in Cagliari in smartworking and has managed that practice in Rome. But this is enough to push a friend of Lucia to launch an appeal on Facebook: «Women, help me! My friend had love at first sight, if you can contact this person, please show up! ».

The post goes around the web, hundreds of shares, until, the power of social media, the operator with the unmistakable stamp is found. Applause, hearts, the incurable romantics are in raptures. But here is the harsh reality: he is married and introduces himself to the people of the web: “I was born in Prato but now I live in Sardinia, I remember that voice in my work well, the voice transmits so many emotions …”. Sadness then throws it there: “Isn’t it that I can have a picture of your friend anyway?” By now you know everything about me, I don’t know anything about her … ». Amazon boy can you let us know how it turned out?


appeal lover web shows

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