“The Democratic Party is very interested in the center and will compete with Conte” – Corriere.it

“The Democratic Party is very interested in the center and will compete with Conte” – Corriere.it
“The Democratic Party is very interested in the center and will compete with Conte” – Corriere.it

Goffredo Bettini, the alliance with the Five stars marks the way …
Now the morbid interest in alliances is of little use. the moment of the Italian “recovery”: ending the pandemic and relaunching production and growth. There are encouraging data. They must be consolidated. With criteria of justice and humanity. The poor have increased as Istat pointed out and many people risk the end of the redundancy block. For this reason, the social imprint that Orlando has given to his government action is fundamental. The “recovery” must belong to everyone. Without the selfishness of the past. Relations between the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars seem positive to me. Everything has changed with respect to the Conte government. Now everyone feels the need to define their profile more freely. But this is good, not a problem. We must prepare for a full return of the democratic dialectic. Draghi a real guarantee of the Republic. Its irreplaceable function, whatever role it will play in the future. However, the current one is an emergency government. I hope it can launch some important reforms: justice, the tax authorities, the public administration. But in the end it is essential that the center-right and center-left confront each other again.

Meanwhile, in Rome and Turin Pd and 5 Stelle are waging war.
In Rome the presence of the Rays, who did not govern well, prevented any agreement. In Turin we could and perhaps still can do more.

Speaking of Turin, the primaries saw low attendance there.
Certainly the inflow so low in the primary requires establishing a minimum level of participation. Otherwise from a popular party they turn into a competition between internal currents.

Returning to the M5s: Giuseppe Conte said that unlike the Democratic Party, his movement seeks consensus even at the center. He confined you to the left, with all due respect to the majority vocation of the Democratic Party …
What is the center? If the acronyms of small parties, which constantly attack the Democratic Party, frankly I don’t care. If, on the contrary, that part of simple, popular, democratic and moderate citizens, who are looking for a collective idea of ​​the future, then the center is of great interest to the Democratic Party and the left. In that electoral space there will be a civil competition with Conte. The majority vocation as opposed to the profile of a democratic left? Allow me a joke: one of the rare moments in which the alternative field to the right that became the majority in Italy was in the mid-1970s. There were the USSR, the Italian Communists, the Socialists generously united with the Communists (to the point of self-harm ) and the lay forces represented by Ugo La Malfa and not by Calenda. Not to mention the democratic Catholics. In the political elections of ’76 this alliance reached about 50% of the votes. A modern, open and libertarian left was decisive to speak to the productive and industrious classes, to the middle class or to school and trade workers. If anything, the reverse problem today. We are in an “anomaly” equal and opposite to those of the past: the Italian left no longer exists. In Europe, albeit with ups and downs, there is everywhere. We have disappeared. This is why the Democratic Party must unite and weigh.

You claim that you do not have an attitude of subjection towards the 5 Stars: but in Rome they have actually chosen your candidate, eliminating the possibility that it was Nicola Zingaretti, while in Calabria they rejected Nicola Irto …
Zingaretti decided in full autonomy. Nobody forced him. He did not risk the crisis of the Lazio government. He is working in an exemplary way on vaccines, on economic recovery and employment, on policies for young people. Gualtieri, then, was the Minister of Economy who saved Italy. On Rome we fielded the best. Woe betide, however, to give the feeling that victory is foregone.

It seems to understand that the Agor of the Democratic Party in Letta’s mind correspond to the modern version of the committees for the Olive tree.
I don’t think so, we are in a different phase. With Prodi’s Ulivo we won the right twice on the pitch. Prodi was and remains a giant. But today everything is too fragmented and, as Letta said, a sum of acronyms is not needed. The Agor are a way of expanding the field of the Democratic Party with the decisive presence of outsiders and with the return of sovereignty at the base of the social pyramid. To the voters and the militants.

There does not seem to be too much room to change the electoral law, but with the current one, why should the grillini ally themselves with the center-left in the next policies? Do you, who often talks to Giuseppe Conte, think they will?
Look, the majority that will make the alliance with the Five Star indispensable. I prefer proportional, even if I see the conditions for achieving it difficult. A free and convinced political alliance, even with the necessary compromises, between autonomous parties is more effective than a straitjacket imposed by electoral rules.

If the administration goes wrong, do you think the usual catchphrase about the secretary starts again?
Not from me. I don’t guarantee on others. But the administrative ones will be fine.

The secretary of a club of the Democratic Party was suspended because he had criticized it, do you have democratic centralism and censorship?
He hadn’t criticized me, he had insulted me. Then he independently changed the post, perhaps realizing he had exaggerated. But I myself immediately said to drop the provision. young, committed, lively, impetuous. He dislikes me. He has every right. He could only, before expressing himself publicly, come and talk to me, to learn more about my story beyond the many caricatures that go around. I would like to meet him. When in the 70s I was a manager of the Fgci, in our newspaper “Citt futura”, directed by the talented Nando Adornato, a small article teasing Antonello Trombadori was published entitled: Golden trumpet. There were no measures but many protests. Paolo Bufalini, a close friend of Trombadori, invited me to his house and told me everything about him: the resistance, the tireless cultural work, the relationship with Togliatti, the anti-fascist and republican tenacity. I realized that we had made a bit of a bad lightness. That’s all.

Your Grillini allies are pro-Chinese …
China must clearly reject the violation of human rights, arrogance and a certain cunning on industrial and trade policies. But the most catastrophic answer would be the resumption of the Cold War.

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