it is about the rental bonus

it is about the rental bonus
it is about the rental bonus

Reaching the next stage in the Capitoline plan to free the occupied buildings is one step away: in fact, in these days the Capitol is, in fact, dealing with the emergency of Viale del Caravaggio. For over one hundred nuclei already registered in occupied building alternative accommodations are ready since 2013: Ater and regional cohousing accommodations, others directly owned by the municipality, as well as the possibility of giving a rental bonus to all those families who already have a minimum level of economic subsistence. The president of the VIII Municipality, Amedeo Ciaccheri, is summing up the operation and “within the next week – he says – the report with the indications will be delivered to the prefect Matteo Piantedosi”. It will then be the Prefecture within the committee for safety and public order to define the time schedule and the modalities of the intervention. In short, a shared solution is being worked on between all those involved and with the beginning of the summer the Capitol expects to reach a positive conclusion to the affair.

Rome, candidates in the occupied building. Calenda: “To cheer for the squatters an insult to the citizens, they are for the evictions”

Pd and occupied buildings / The endorsement of illegality that worries the honest

The scheme is the one already seen for the recovery of the building – also privately owned – in via Carlo Felice, freed in February 2019 with a completely painless maneuver and families and individual nuclei placed in apartments or residences ready to welcome the so-called fragilities. The goal is to avert street clashes or urban guerrillas such as those already seen in the summer of 2017 in via Curtatone or two years later in via Cardinal Capranica in Primavalle, while restoring legality. “In these 5 years – wrote the mayor Raggi in a letter published yesterday in the Messenger – when the Prefecture has carried out evictions, we have always safeguarded the frailties”. The first citizen wanted to intervene on the choice of the Democratic Party to open its own electoral campaign for the race in the Municipality by choosing the Spin Time occupied in via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme as the stage of the first confrontation between the center-left candidates. “It is an image distant from the real life of people – wrote the first citizen – Obviously it was not a case but a deliberate choice of field: Gualtieri has elevated a place that does not represent the country to be a symbol of his electoral campaign. application of law and legality. It is not always possible to be accommodating but it is necessary to give serious answers: sometimes, the task of the administrator also involves firmness precisely to protect the weakest and those who respect the rules. It was a show that offends citizens who pay their mortgages, their bills and deal with the problems and expenses of a home every day, without having preferential channels or shortcuts ».

Now on the negotiating table there is the evacuation of the Tor Marancia building, for which the Interior Ministry has already been sentenced to pay damages to the owners who, despite a release order issued by the judge, have not yet returned to possession of the property.
In the past there was no lack of clashes and threatening defense plans designed by the occupants. Mountains of tires were also placed in the building as barricades, with the danger that the children would be lined up on the front line in front of a hypothetical advance of armored vehicles. Maneuvers, now, remained closed in the drawer thanks to the mediation in place. Still on the subject of Spin Time, also home to an illegal nightclub, Raggi clarified that “if the actions of those who illegally occupy a property are endorsed, the institutions have lost at the start”, noting that “there is a difference between those who carry out to protect our community and those who decide to occupy a property without having a title. The objective of a mayor must be to reconcile the respect and protection of the right to private and public property with the safeguarding of culturally or socially useful activities that must continue in the wake, it is clear, of legality ».

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