Novara, trade unionist killed by a truck during a demonstration. Draghi: “Shed light immediately”

Novara, trade unionist killed by a truck during a demonstration. Draghi: “Shed light immediately”
Novara, trade unionist killed by a truck during a demonstration. Draghi: “Shed light immediately”

A 37-year-old died this morning hit by a truck in front of the Lidl gates in Biandrate (Novara). It happened in via Guido il Grande, during a demonstration of logistics workers. The victim, according to initial information, is a representative of the Cobas of Moroccan origin. The driver would have forced the blockade of the demonstration, which was about to begin, and the trade unionist would have been dragged for about ten meters.

Trade unionist killed during a demonstration in Biandrate, Cobas: “Hit by a truck”

Trade unionist dead, the wrath of the Cobas

The truck driver would then have fled, but it was the carabinieri who blocked him on the highway. 118 also intervened on the spot, but for the 37-year-old there was nothing to do. On the Cobas Facebook page we read: «Our Coordinator of SiCobas Novara Adil was killed by a truck during the national strike in progress at the Lidl in Biandrate. Unlike what is running in the press, the truck forced the garrison outside the warehouse by investing the workers, including Adil». As far as we know, about fifteen people were present at the garrison, organized by the Cobas union. At the origin of the initiative some organizational claims.

Draghi: “Sorrowful, it is necessary to shed light immediately”

“I am very saddened by the death of Adil Belakhdim. It is necessary to immediately shed light on what happened “, says the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, a margin of his arrival in Barcelona where he will soon receive the “European construction prize”.

Who was the victim

The victim, Adil Belakhdim, was a resident of Vizzolo Predabissi, in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan. It was invested in a demonstration organized by the SiCobas on the occasion of the national logistics strike. He leaves behind two children aged 15 and 17. For some years he had been carrying out trade union activities and was interregional coordinator of the SiCobas, and not of Novara as learned at first.

Driver of the truck overheard in the barracks

The truck driver who this morning hit and killed a trade unionist who demonstrated in front of the gates of Lidl in Biandrate (Novara) is in the barracks to be heard by the carabinieri of the Novara provincial command. At the moment no action has been taken against him. At the scene of the accident there is tension among the demonstrators. One of them, who was close to the victim when she was hit by the truck, fell ill and, in shock, was rescued by 118 personnel.

Two other protesters injured

«That truck dragged him for about twenty meters, the driver cannot fail to notice “: the workers who witnessed the accident in which 37-year-old trade unionist Adil died in front of the Lidl gates in Biandrate (Novara) this morning Belakhdim of the SiCobas. The truck also hit two other protesters, injuring them, who are now in hospital. According to what is learned, their conditions are not serious.

Orlando: “Very serious fact”

«What happened in front of the gates of a warehouse in Biandrate, near Novara, is very serious. The tragic death of trade unionist Adil Belakhdim took place in circumstances that need to be clarified immediately. In the logistics sector we are witnessing an intolerable escalation of episodes of social conflict that require urgent responses. Our closeness to the unionist’s family ». Thus the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando.

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