Trade unionist dies hit by a truck in Biandrate during a garrison

He was participating in a garrison together with other colleagues to block the transit of vehicles for the supply of a supermarket of a large commercial chain when a truck driver ran over and killed him.

It happened on Friday morning in Biandrate, in the province of Novara. To lose his life a trade unionist of the trade union “Si Cobas” (in the photo, a presidium of the trade union initials last June 16).

The victim was called Adil Belakhdim and was the coordinator “Si Cobas” of Novara (pictured below). Belakhdim was a resident of Vizzolo Predabissi, in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan. He leaves behind two children aged 15 and 17.

From a first reconstruction the man along with other workers was following up on a union picket of protests when the driver of a heavy vehicle following an argument with the demonstrators tried to force the blockade by investing the man.

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From a first reconstruction the driver of the truck after having forced the blockade and dragged the activist for several meters escaped being tracked down and arrested by the carabinieri thanks to the video surveillance cameras that filmed the scene.

Tensions are high in the logistics and transport sectors a few days ago in the case of Tavazzano in the Lodi area with some workers belonging to the Cobas were injured during a protest garrison.

cargo city truck block malpensa

Also around Malpensa in the past there have been numerous episodes linked to tensions, including violent ones, with truck blocks around the Cargo City of Malpensa (in the photo above, the protests of 2012).

In the airport logistics sector, freezes due to subcontract changes and layoffs were frequent.

The acronym Yes-Cobas it is an “inter-category union of self-organized workers” which it had proclaimed for the a national strike on Friday 18 June to oppose the release of layoffs and the “total liberalization of subcontracts contained in the Simplification Decree”, as stated in a trade union note that in recent days heralded the day of strikes in the logistics sector that would culminate with a demonstration in Rome scheduled for Saturday , June 19.

“I am very saddened by the death of Adil Belakhdim. It is necessary to shed light on the incident immediately, ”said Prime Minister Mario Draghi upon his arrival in Barcelona, ​​where he will be on an institutional visit today, commenting on the death of the unionist.

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