F1 | GP France 2021, PL1: Bottas opens the Mercedes-Live double

[F1] – Good morning dear readers of FormulaPassion.it and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct text of the first free practice session of 2021 French Grand Prix, seventh stage of the Formula 1 world championship.

Session ended, relive it with our minute by minute news

12.45 – We close our chronicle with the details of what we had anticipated at the opening with the new Honda power units for Verstappen, Perez and Gasly. Appointment at 3 pm for the live broadcast of the PL2, do not miss the chronicle of the PL2 of the MotoGP at Sachsenring at 14.05.

Honda confirms: new PUs for Red Bull and Gasly

12.35 – Here are the complete results of the PL1 of the French Grand Prix.

GP France 2021 – Results PL1

12.31 – The final situation of PL1, Mercedes double opened by Bottas, who concluded the long run with a novetole 1’37 ″ 9.

Checkered flag

12.30 – Leclerc is testing the medium tire for the race, Vettel the soft one.

12.28 – Esteban Ocon for now celebrates the renewal with Alpine until 2024 with the fifth time at 881 thousandths from Bottas.

12.25 – In the first race pace simulations Sainz runs on the low 39 “, the other big names are also there on those times, with Bottas the only one to hit a 38” 5. Those who are trying to attempt two consecutive fast laps in qualifying simulation in the third sector of the second lap, the ‘rubber’ seems over and the time always gets up.

12.23 – Both Ferrari drivers are focused on the long run in this PL1 final.

12.20 – Gasly with soft rubber moves to sixth position, Tsunoda ninth, the two AlphaTauri enclose the McLarens of Norris, seventh, and Ricciardo, eighth.

12.18 – Another misunderstanding for Nikita Mazepin, this time with Sebastian Vettel.

12.15 – Sergio Perez is doing a mini long-run on soft tires. This is the situation in terms of times.

12.13 – Alonso returns fifth at 1245 thousandths from Bottas.

12.10 – Ricciardo is fifth two tenths ahead of Leclerc in view of the McLaren-Ferrari fight for third place in the constructors’ standings.

12.08 – Best central sector for Verstappen, but then he could have damaged the bottom in the third sector on an aggressive exit on the curb.

12.05 – Verstappen complains about the front axle, in the middle of the corner it loses grip. Even Leclerc over the radio complained about the feeling: “I’m struggling with the car”, Charles’s words over the radio. The 1997 class runs with a helmet inspired by the colors he used in karts.

12.04 – The Monegasque of Ferrari moves to fifth position, 1502 thousandths, however, the delay of Leclerc.

12.03 – Leclerc is improving with soft tires, the train mounted by Sainz was burned in the driving error by the Spanish Ferrari driver.

12.01 – Verstappen moves to 97 thousandths from Hamilton, but then Bottas lowers the reference to 1’33″448.

12.00 – Hamilton in 1’33″783 gets in front of everyone, Verstappen tries to answer with the same tires. Spin for Sainz with the soft tire in the change of direction of the first two corners.

11.58 – Hamilton is launched with soft rubber.

11.56 – Perez approaches Verstappen, 54 thousandths between the two Red Bull drivers.

11.55 – Alonso and Ocon also have a fresh power unit and the Spaniard currently occupies the fifth position at 830 thousandths from Verstappen.

11.53 – Misunderstanding between Mazepin and Sainz at the exit from the last corner, with the Russian from Haas who had previously left space and was forced to leave the track to avoid contact with the Ferrari driver.

11.50 – Perez completes the Red Bull double at the moment by finishing three tenths from Verstappen, Bottas is third ahead of Hamilton half a second behind the Dutchman.

11.47“I’m stopped in neutral” the words of Vettel via radio, who has now managed to leave and return to the pits with the rear wing damaged.

11.45 – Vettel’s spin in the right-hand bend after Signes, yellow flag.

11.42 – Hamilton with the same tires is second at 694 thousandths.

11.40 – Significantly lowers the Dutch limit: 1’34″139.

11.38 – Max Verstappen takes the lead in 1’35 ″ 639, still very high times.

11.36 – Meanwhile, the fastest lap is currently signed by the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz, 1’36 ″ 745 for the Spanish driver.

11.35 – Clear colored paint applied to the left side of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

11.34 – Immediately a problem for Bottas: the contact with the sausages at the exit of Curva-2 damaged the Finn’s wing.

11.33 – Tsunoda also spun at the exit from the last corner. Hard tires for everyone.

11.32 – Short yellow flag in the first sector for a spin on cold tires by Mick Schumacher at the S between turns 3 and 4.

11.31 – Sebastian Vettel takes to the track with obvious rakes to the front wing. Immediately on the track also Lewis Hamilton with hard tires.

11.30Green light at the end of the pit lane, the PL1 of the French Grand Prix begins.

11.25 – 25 ° C the air temperature, 40 ° C that of the asphalt.

11.20 – Confirmed what we told you: fresh and new Honda power units for Verstappen, Perez and Gasly.

11.15 – Very welcome news from Sauber at the academy level.

The great return

11.00 – Flexible wings chapter: Marcin Budkowski stressed that in Alpine the costs were not indifferent to update the rear wing according to the new rules.

Budkowski and the costs of the wing change

10.45 – The second, on the other hand, concerns the absence of the Mission Winnow logo in France and beyond.

Ferrari: the Mission Winnow logo will not be present in Europe

10.30 – Let’s start our chronicle with two announcements on the subject of Ferrari sponsors: the first is the partnership with Amazon Web Services.

Ferrari: new partnership with Amazon

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