Windows 11, a touch will be enough to exit standby

Windows 11, a touch will be enough to exit standby
Windows 11, a touch will be enough to exit standby

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New day, lately, also means new news regarding Windows 11. With the build of Windows 11 out there, a lot of little things have been discovered about the unannounced operating system. While this leaked version is incomplete compared to what will be revealed on June 24, it does contain some clues that give some insight into future hardware. One of these is “Wake on Touch“For, you think, the next Surface.

As the name suggests, Wake on Touch wakes your PC from standby by simply touching the display. The feature reminds smartphones that use double tap to exit standby to check notifications or even the time quickly. Wake on Touch here probably works with capacitive displays, which means that when a human finger completes “the circuit”, it will wake up.

As Windows Central reports, the settings for Wake on Touch were found by the Twitter user

. Unfortunately, the actual settings they are hidden in the current leaked build of Windows 11, but they show up when you type “wake on touch” in the Windows search.

Photo: Windows Central

Presumably, such a feature – to be enabled – requires a new hardware as it’s not something we’ve ever seen in a touch PC or 2-in-1 Windows tablet. The screen likely requires new components that allow the screen to activate on touch without significantly affecting the battery. Consequently Wake on Touch could be one new feature coming to upcoming Surface, like the Surface Pro 8.

Microsoft has not provided details on the new Surface hardware and no news will be disclosed even on June 24. Instead, an announcement to October, just as Windows 11 is about to be released, it seems much more likely. Rumors have circulated that a Surface Pro 8 could be the first significant hardware revision since the Surface Pro 4 2015. Improving the display and adding new interaction features like Wake on Touch might make sense for such a device.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft reveals on June 24. After that, all eyes will be on October for the new Windows 11 hardware.


Windows touch exit standby

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