Buffon slap at Juve: “This is where I spent the best year …”

Buffon slap at Juve: “This is where I spent the best year …”
Buffon slap at Juve: “This is where I spent the best year …”

” The year at PSG is the one I remember with the most pleasure … ”. He said it surprisingly Gigi Buffon, all’evento ” Field invasions ” held in Marina di Pisa.

43 years old and still a great desire to get back into the game. Buffon starts from Parma, where it all began back in 1995 with the famous debut in the match against Milan. A romantic choice, motivated on the occasion of the “Invasioni di campo” event organized by Aldo Dolcetti (Allegri’s collaborator at Juve), where he retraced some moments of his career:“The reason is a summation: I learned many lessons from my parents, the most important of which I learned from my mother. She always told me ‘behave well, make some sacrifices and life will pay you back with interest’. I tried to always put this teaching into practice and at first it was tiring to give up something in a profession where the ego overflows. But then I realized that by doing this, life has given me back much more than what I deserved. life like this because I believe so much “.

Then comes the surprise statement, the year to Paris Saint Germain is the career experience, remembered with greater pleasure. Unexpected words, given the long limitation to Juventus and the sense of belonging gained over the years in black and white: “It was the classic blow to the ass. I had the opportunity to play in an embarrassing team in terms of quality, talking to the boys when I returned to Juve I always said that I only experienced a feeling of strength in a year in Juventus. I was very convinced that we would go all the way, winning games in a really easy way. Then you become presumptuous and life punishes you. The year of my career that I remember with the most pleasure is the one at PSG. The respect I had I never felt it in France, I went out much more in Paris, I experienced it with the lightness of someone who wants to share and interact “.

Growing up and learning from the lost finals, a skill reserved only for great champions, just like Buffon. “I always try to learn from the best, regretfully I can have the first final lost, against Milan. We lost it on penalties, I saved two but we missed three just the same, that was the race that gave us a few more regrets. In the other two we were clearly disadvantaged, col Barcelona we deservedly lost even though we got back into the game, but they were stronger. In Cardiff we did not understand the strength of the Real Madrid, which was devastating: we went there with too much confidence, too much conviction. The regret was that we fell apart. Losing it 4-1 was disheartening, it hurt me. “

Final comment on the career. Was Buffon the best goalkeeper ever? He replies like this: “I’m not saying this to exalt myself, maybe I give some ideas that can make us think. A person asked me: ‘But do you think you were the strongest of all? and I replied that I was not interested, perhaps I was the most suitable, certainly I was not the weakest “.

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