Men and women, serious mourning for the tronista: painful loss

Last hour in the world of Men and Women, a new farewell for Maria De Filippi’s program and a great pain for one of the well-known faces of the show. The news regarding a serious bereavement that hit a former tronist of the classic throne, one of the most loved characters of the dating show, has recently been spread. That’s who it is.

Mourning men and women – Solonotizie24

A new deep pain has hit the life of one of the first tronista par excellence of Men and Women, we are talking about Costantino Vitagliano who recently also took part in the reality show of Big Brother where he told about his new role as dad Ayla.

The world of men and women, and not only, in these hours has tightened around the former tronista who mourns the loss of his father who suddenly disappeared, and leaving an immense void in Vitagliano being united by a deep bond.

Mourning men and women – Solonotizie24

Mourning for men and women

The world of the web and the protagonists of Men and women so they cling to the pain of Costantino Vitigliano, the former tronist of the show hosted by Maria De Filippi who in 2018 had already announced to fans the dramatic loss of his beloved mother Rosina, for a few days now also mourns the loss of his father Orazio.

Talking about the loss in that case was the same Costantino who wrote the following message on his Instagram page: “There is no longer the most important woman in my life. She is the woman who gave me so many things as a child. I have combined many, but it has always supported me. His death was a very strong thing and I can’t stop thinking about it. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I felt like a nobody. I think it’s normal but I don’t accept it”.

Mourning men and women - Solonotizie24
Mourning men and women – Solonotizie24

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Costantini Vitigliano, farewell to his father

A great pain for Vitigliano who, in recent days, has recently announced on the web another important loss that has affected his life, namely the sudden death of his father, Orazio. The man, as announced by Today, would have passed away during the last days of May but only announced to go.

Mourning men and women - Solonotizie24
Mourning men and women – Solonotizie24

The farewell message to the father arrived in the Constantine’s Instagram page arrived last June 6 through the publication of a message where you can read: “The clouds in the sky… are like dreams when they wander in the back of our mind”.


Men women mourning tronista painful loss

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