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WEEKEND BETWEEN INTENSE HOT AND STRONG TEMPORALS: the African anticyclone on Italy will not immediately conquer all our regions, the obstacle offered by a depression on the Black Sea will slow it down in its continuation towards the southern and Adriatic regions that will reach only on weekends. At the same time the most decisive action of a depression Iberian will favor the arrival of the first unstable infiltrations Atlantic on the Peninsula. We therefore expect a drop in pressure from the west with severe storms in the north already from Sunday and a baric increase in the east with the Center-South immersed in the very hot matrix of the anticyclone. Let’s see the forecast

WEATHER SATURDAYNorth: on the whole stable and sunny with the passage of some scattered fog and in the afternoon the activation of some isolated rainstorms or thunderstorms on the Alpine areas. Center: scattered glazes and stratifications with large sunny spaces. In the afternoon harmless cumulative activity on the Apennine reliefs. South: stable and sunny with the passage of some harmless haze. Temperature further increasing, peaks of 35-36 ° C in Valpadana, even 38 ° C in Sardinia. Weak siroccal winds with some reinforcement on the western basins. Big, the western basins moved, the others slightly moved or almost calm.

WEATHER SUNDAYNorth: worsens from the west with thunderstorms even of strong intensity and local hailstorms on Valle d’Aosta, western alps, Biella, Verbano, Lario, Valtellina with possible involvement also of Torinese, Novarese, Vercellese, upper Milanese, Brianza and Bergamasco between late afternoon and evening. Some storms also on Trentino and the Dolomites. Clouds scattered elsewhere with even cloudy skies but little probability of phenomena. Center: medium-high cloudiness in transit with even temporarily cloudy skies but without phenomena. South: medium-high clouds arriving from the west with even temporarily cloudy skies but without phenomena. Temperature decreasing in the Northwest, increasing further elsewhere. Peaks of 38-40 ° C in Sardinia, Tavoliere, inland Sicily. Up to 36-38 ° C in Emilia Romagna and Umbria. Twenty siroccal, moderate on Sardinia and medium-high Tyrrhenian, weak elsewhere. Big the western basins moved, the others little moved.

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