Ferrara, a one-year-old child who died. The mother: “I killed him.” The doubts of the carabinieri

Ferrara, a one-year-old child who died. The mother: “I killed him.” The doubts of the carabinieri
Ferrara, a one-year-old child who died. The mother: “I killed him.” The doubts of the carabinieri

The carabinieri arrived on the spot and engaged in the investigation

“Help my son is dead.” The desperate call for help arrived at the carabinieri center in Ferrara. However, the race towards the indicated road did not help to save a child of just one year. The military found her lifeless body on the bed in the master bedroom, where she spent the night with her mother. The 118 health workers tried desperately to revive him for 45 minutes but it was all in vain. The mother of the child, a 29-year-old woman from Ferrara, opened the door to the carabinieri. She was bloody, full of cuts in her arms and in a state of shock. “I killed my son,” she shouted before lashing out at the military, who worked hard to calm her down.: he yelled several times that he wanted to take his own life. In another room, terrified, the two older brothers of the little one, aged 5 and 9. They heard the screams of their mother, the hasty footsteps of the carabinieri at the door at the first light of the morning. They too are in a state of shock, they know that their little brother is dead but it seems that they have been spared at least the terrible scene of that lifeless body on the mother’s bed.

The two hypotheses

What happened in the apartment is still a big question. The health workers and then the coroner who arrived on the spot together with the public prosecutor Lisa Busato did not find, from the first checks, obvious signs of violence on the child’s body. We will have to wait for the autopsy, which will be conferred today, for answers. In the meantime, no hypothesis is excluded: neither that it is a cot death and a suicide attempt, nor that it was instead a murder. The carabinieri, who remain very cautious, investigate for murder but the mother is neither under investigation nor in custody. She was taken to the Cona hospital to be medicated and then hospitalized in the psychiatry ward, she has not yet been questioned because her conditions do not allow it. It will be necessary to understand if he had taken drugs because he turns out to be a drug addict.

A difficult story

The family was known by the social services managed by the ASP for the Municipality of Ferrara, which have now taken care of the other two children, temporarily entrusted to their grandmother. From initial investigations it would also seem that the 29-year-old was known to the mental health services of the ASL. The mother of the woman and the father of the children rushed to the scene, to whom she had sent messages on Whatsapp. The man, a 36-year-old Tunisian with a previous history, was heard for a long time by the carabinieri of the radio-mobile nucleus of Ferrara. He said he had been away from home for about a month due to friction with the 29-year-old, but did not explain what could have happened on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Certainly the investigators who entered the house did not find an easy situation.

The investigations and the shadows

The woman did not work, the former partner is a bricklayer, there were economic problems. Investigations will have to reconstruct what happened and if there were any alarm bells left unheard. The house remains under seizure, the Carabinieri and the Scientific Investigations Section of the Arma have made a long inspection in search of traces that can dispel the shadows.

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Ferrara oneyearold child died mother killed doubts carabinieri

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