Romina Power and the long tunics: she must wear them | The unthinkable hardship – the Democrat

Romina Power and the long tunics: she must wear them | The unthinkable hardship – the Democrat
Romina Power and the long tunics: she must wear them | The unthinkable hardship – the Democrat

The long tunics worn by Romina Power are almost as famous as she herself. Almost everyone has noticed that he never does without it. Here is the reason for her look

Romina Power certainly represents one of today most loved performers for several generations, which is still very popular and appreciated. Romina Power is a singer well known also for her relationship with Al Bano Carrisi. The two singers separated in 1999 after giving all their fans unparalleled great singing performances for many years.

Among these it is impossible to forget the great success of “happiness”. Numerous were also the awards that the two have obtained in the Sanremo Festival. The singer also tried a career in film when she was still a teenager.

During each of his performances, Romina Power always wears long tunics. These represent an element that never fails as his outfit. At first it seemed that the singer had retired from the scene after years of silence even if in 2016 she sang again with her ex-husband Al Bano and, after a very short time, she even performed with him on the Ariston stage.

The choice of long tunics by Romina Power

The singer Romina Power today also represents the figure of a great woman who has been one of the most followed reference points by girls all over the world. In fact, many have taken it as example from the point of view of the particular and unique look. Obviously there is a detail that certainly did not go unnoticed around which there are numerous questions that fans are still asking today.

3 are the probable hypotheses that revolve around the reasons for Romina Power’s look. The singer always wears long and wide tunics, of different colors and various flashy and non-flashy patterns.

The first hypothesis is the one concerning his religious belief. In fact, one thing that not everyone knows is that Romina Power is a Buddhist and therefore her look corresponds to a desire for lightness. The second hypothesis is that linked to type of intervention dealt with 2 years ago. Specifically, the singer underwent arthroscopy due to a not insignificant problem in the knee.

For this the singer also wears low heels that are perfect combined with this type of look. The last hypothesis is simply a matter of personal taste. That’s right, maybe she wears them precisely because she likes them without any particular underlying motivation.


Romina Power long tunics wear unthinkable hardship Democrat

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