“#NoToGattuso”: that’s why Tottenham fans don’t want Gennaro Gattuso as their coach

“#NoToGattuso”: that’s why Tottenham fans don’t want Gennaro Gattuso as their coach
“#NoToGattuso”: that’s why Tottenham fans don’t want Gennaro Gattuso as their coach

Tottenham fans don’t want Gennaro Gattuso as their coach. And they make themselves heard on Twitter recalling the racist and sexist statements of the former Napoli coach. But in the meantime the engagement, he writes The Athletic, would have already jumped and the Spurs they would be moving towards a new coach.

Why the “no” to Ringhio?

With order. Yesterday afternoon the former Roma Paulo Fonseca’s engagement for the leadership of Tottenham Hotspur was missed. The Portuguese should have signed the contract after the verbal agreement reached in principle with the London club, but in the end the parties did not agree on the staff. At that point the ball passed into the hands of Jorge Mendes, delegated by the Spurs looking for the next coach. He mentioned Gattuso, after the agreements with Antonio Conte and Hansi Flick and the return of Mauricio Pochettino had been blown in the last few weeks. Gattuso, who a few hours earlier had terminated his contract with Fiorentina before starting the season, as he was assisted by Mendez and therefore immediately arrived in pole position for the bench. But overnight on Twitter the hashtag began to rise among the trends NoToGattuso. One of the first to launch it was Seb Jenkins, chief writer of the site Spurs Web, totally dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur. Jenkins, in a thread sul social network,

because he does not consider that of Gattuso a suitable name for the bench of his favorite team.

Gattuso “sexist and racist”: skips the Tottenham bench

Jenkins first recalled the brawl between the then AC Milan player and Joe Jordan, at the time second-in-command of Tottenham and former Rossoneri. First the skirmishes during the match (with insults “in Scottish” against him according to the version of Ringhio) and then, after the defeat in the Champions League, the head and the hand on the neck of Jordan resulting in a scuffle unleashed between the two teams. In the end, the fight cost Gattuso five days of disqualification. Then the famous statements against Barbara Berlusconi and women in football ended up in the journalist’s sights, even the subject of an article on BBC: “For someone like Galliani there should be more respect,” Ringhio had begun after the news of the appointment of Silvio’s daughter as managing director, then concluding with a terrible sentence: “I don’t see women well in football.”

When Gattuso said the howls in Boateng were not racism

Finally, the Boateng case. In January 2013, during a friendly match with the Pro Patria, the fans began to address racist howls towards the black Milan players. Until Kevin-Prince says enough, throwing the ball into the curve and leaving the field. The game is suspended. But the day after Gattuso shows up at the press conference to “acquit them”: «For me it is not racism and in the end it turned out that they were four guys who enjoyed making the boo. Italy is not a racist country, alive attached to Busto Arsizio, there are many foreigners and in ten years there have been very few problems of racism ». And again: «I too have been made the buu, the verses of the monkey many times and they are not colored. I don’t know how to behave, there is not something to fix everything immediately, but for ten days we have been talking about the problem of racism and in my opinion we are not at this level ».

It must be said that in the end the Court of Appeal of Milan acquitted the six ultras of the Pro Patria identified by the Digos as responsible for the choirs. But it is not strange that Gattuso’s name immediately remained on the gozzo of Tottenham fans. The company was born in north London, where a large Jewish community lived which immediately identified with the club’s supporters. So much so that even today each fan of the Spurs likes to define himself Yid, that is, a Jew, even if he is not a Jew. And if the fans have often defined themselves Yid Army displaying flags with the Star of David and singing choirs of Jewish origin, this often resulted in clashes with other infiltrated supporters of neo-Nazi groups. It happened in Rome in 2012 and in Lyon in 2013. But also in England, where they were greeted with chants praising Hitler and the gas chambers.

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